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    Enjoyed most of my years with the company as a mechanic in Omaha.
    Started with them in 1977 They were still All American Transport( the speedball).
    Funny how todays merger with Yellow ,Roadway into YRC., my present employer seems to mirror AFS with Smith transfer. merger. Like they are havin very similar problems in alot of area. Maybe I dont remember it all well .. But the merging of Terminal Transport and All American into AFS. Was very rocky at the time...
    I did enjoy the years there from 1977 thru closing in 1988..Met alot of good guys that are still friends today and a few that are working with me again at YRC from Yellow.. Thanks for the memories... mike... Omaha teamster 554 mechanic
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    american was a great co. to work for, i really miss those day's. The minute they merged with Smith it was a downward tailspin.
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    american was indeed a good company to work for. i worked out of st paul 16 1/2 yrs. 15 of which was on line haul, with handle "quarterpounder" ( i know, corny, but it was what it was). the co. was great at first in '72 then slowly got too big for the small-minded corporate management to handle, especially after merger with Smith and all their labor problems out east. the corporate (mis)managers in overland park, ks. stepped on the wrong big money toes at westinghouse finance and they cut off the operating funds needed to operate in 1988. contrary to what some believe, afs did not go bankrupt. after the doors closed, westinghouse was sued, afs won, but too late, a good company was gone. all former employees and vendors were paid in full plus 10 % with aprox. $50 million left over. (this money was used to purchase a large portion of Crouse Cartage CCC 2 or 3 yrs. later) CCC was then allegedly run into the ground by their inept management. and as Walter Cronkite used to say "and that's the way it was" sadly the end for over 10,000 good employees of a great company that had it's start in Sioux Falls, SD
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    I worked in Chicago. It was the best company I ever worked for!
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