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    In April we had a driver quit to work construction. One retired end of June. One retired end of August. One is retiring end of September. One more end of October. One next March, and one, end of August 2018. We have the least senior linehaul driver threatening to retire if he is forced off the road to help in city opperations. end of October 5 men gone with 275 hours work to divide among 35 who are left. How many of you in management who read this are looking for another 8 hour work per week? How many of you want to start at 9 am and punch out at 9:30 pm? Clean up crew start at 10:30 go home when the work is done. 13 hours sometimes more usually less, but who knows now. No one wants to work 12 hours per day every day, but that is what we have here. When you work that many hours chores, home improvements, vehicle maintenance etc gets neglected. Teamsters can't afford to hire this work done because we are paid what was good money 15 years ago. Which brings me to Volker paying us a visit. When asked about raising pay to help attract new drivers he said that couldn't happen because pay is set by the contract and the companies hands were tied. You managers how much money would you want to work 60 hours per week. Not to get the company out of a rough time, but every week. Talk about an antisocial lifestyle.
    UPS freight pays 28.65 per hour, has one step up on health and welfare, and has a pension not connected to Central States. Yet they are profitable. They are asking their drivers for new hire referals because no one is coming in off the street. Teamsters know one thing, we know managements plan for the March 2018 contract and it doesn't look good for anyone. At $20.04 you will get the people that the other companies won't hire.
    We hope the contract will bring a smile to our faces, but we have our doubts.
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    Are you still owned by DHL ?? $20.04 per hours is low for a driver regardless of union or non-union. Take UPS freight out of the equation, what does Holland, ABF, R&L, ODFL, Dayton and Saia pay. You can figure some kind of average by looking at all them.
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    No offense,S. but 20.04 an hour? For ltl? Running in and out of the metro area of Chicago? Move on to another carrier. Standard,nor DHL will beat you up as long as they can hire,"a body".. lots of opportunity out there for experience,with a good MVR. Just my opinion from what I have seen the last 35 years.
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    It's a vicious cycle everybody gets exhausted and morale goes into the toilet. I definitely can relate to your frustrations and have been forced to work way more hours than what I ever wanted to many many many times over.

    I agree if you have a clean MVR you have options, especially in ltl. Some employers frown on job hoppers, so if you're not they have a tendency to put them higher on the list of candidates.

    I know I know working a lot of hours it's hard to, but take a look on indeed.com and Craigslists. Might find some jobs you didn't know exist that you could check out. While there are good driving jobs out there, in my opinion the vast majority of driving jobs don't pay and benefits are next to nothing . Once you've talked to a company, really sit down and way out your options against where you're are now. The last thing you want to do is just take another job and a few months years go by and you find yourself just in the same position as you are now.

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