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Discussion in 'Sysco' started by Cheetodust, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Cheetodust

    Cheetodust New Member

    Hey Y'all new forum member here. So here it goes. I have been working out of a Sysco house in the PAC NW (won't name which one) for 10 months. I was on route the other day and ran in to a US FOODS Driver while taking my lunch break. He also happened to be a Trans. Supervisor making a delivery next door. He asked me how Sysco was treating me and told me USF was looking for drivers and basically made me an informal job offer. Here's the skinny: resident driver position, four bucks more an hour, Teamsters shop, about the same commute time (shuttle yard instead of warehouse)... Lot of praying going on here. Not sure what I should do. Heres the kicker: my wifes 6 mos. pregnant and I don't know if I should jump ship before the baby is born, you know with all the uncertainty of a new job (probationary period). Sounds like a good gig. He said health insurance would transfer over since both shops are Teamsters. Oh yeah I would loose my 1 week paid vacation I was going to use when baby is born. on the other hand he talked about a sign on bonus. So what would you do in my shoes?
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  2. 2wheeldriver

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    My only suggestion is grass is always greener on the other side. Pray hard and ask around, make a trip to there drop yd to see what the guys there say.
  3. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower Super Mod

    Exactly, talk to the drivers, part of the supervisors job is to get people hired, but 4 bucks an hour for the same work? That would be hard to pass up, I guess you need to think long and hard.

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  4. Lazlo

    Lazlo Active Member

    4 bucks an hour more for the same work buys a lot of diapers...Honestly, in your shoes, given the pay difference I would personally make the jump IF all other aspects are more or less the same and it wouldn't impact my family. If it's anything like it is down here as long as you put in notice and quit the right way you can probably always go back.
  5. stonecold

    stonecold Member

    I respectfully disagree. If the grass is greener, how come more Sysco guys haven't jumped over? Seniority is a big asset in this industry. Money isn't the only thing. Thanks guys.
  6. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower Super Mod

    Around here its because no one is offering a 4 buck jump in pay per hour, I love where I work and what I do but sorry....if USF offers me 4 bucks more an hour...I'm gone.
  7. Cheetodust

    Cheetodust New Member

    Thank yo guys for your Input. I still need to investigate this opportunity further.

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  8. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    Good luck driver. If it were me I'd make the jump to. If a company offered me 4 bucks more a hr right now damn right I would jump. Making 16 a hr right now isn't cutting it
  9. Cheetodust

    Cheetodust New Member

    If you move to the left coast, you can make much more than 16

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  10. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    We got jobs here that pay more. I wanted out of foodservice. The only good thing about where I'm at is going to be my schedule once I start driving which is why I came here. I should get bumped up to 18 in a month

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