Whats going on at WARD

Discussion in 'Ward Trucking' started by stroud120, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. my lazyboy

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    What you have a crystal ball or something?
    I have heard alot of rumors lately. When it is in Black and White, then we can believe it.

    Rumors can be dangerous.:flame:
  2. muffin top

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    I seen APA trucks the day before they closed. Just cause you see one doesn't mean anything. I personally think a few ltl carriers were waiting to see what happened with YRC. I'm sure those few are barely making it.
  3. mikejones234

    mikejones234 Member

    im sure they are just joy riding, when i see them then.
  4. muffin top

    muffin top Member

    That's not what I ment. When I ran my peddle run I would only see 2 other carriers. That didn't mean the others are out of business. I simply ment that when you see a certain carriers truck that gives you no indication on how well they are doing.
  5. JustACog

    JustACog New Member

    update since January

    As I said I am the "low man".
    I missed most of February, due to lack of work. Other people, more senior than I, may have taken my run, or the freight was 'consolidated" and mixed with the freight of a neighboring route.
    I worked thru March, missed only one day, due to "lackof work", and April is getting busier.
    We lost a transfer job for a month or so, Daylight transport was letting us PU and deliver their West Coast stuff, but that is all OK now as we just started back with Them. Some of u may recall that we swiped the daylight freight from Pitt-Ohio last March 2008.
    Someone asked about Rick Fleisher and John Bates, Haven't heard or seen Bates for a long time..not sure if he is still at Ward. Rick fleisher is supposedly managing Pittsburgh terminal and a couple others out that way.
    We lost 2 good girls From the dayshift, melissa and Grace.
    The PHL terminal has a good crew, everyone that survived until this point is well aware of the tough situation, and we are all working hard to get into the black.

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