What's going on with the company ?

Discussion in 'Holland' started by wongway, May 18, 2016.

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    Same situation with Con-way/XPO. I think the freight side will eventually die off or get sold. If it does get sold and whoever buys it doesn’t change the way stuff is done then it’ll keep slowly declining.
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    The difference there though is that Con-Way/XPO got purchased by someone with deep pockets and a true worldwide logistical mindset.

    They upgraded equipment and standardized the brand immediately. Look around at YRC trucks they look like rolling junkyards with Roadway tractors pulling yellow trailers still 9 yrs later.
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    I've noticed the improvements in the age and quality of the line haul trucks, but the city trucks are shameful. I understand the strategy of keeping the better trucks running the longer distances, but it's the customers who pay the bills, and they see a lot of junk delivering and picking up their freight. There is no excuse for letting ANY of your trucks get this bad!
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    Round table rumor's been hearing more & more barn's are kinda running without Manager's or Supervisor's ? ? Is this a new way of saving money ? ? Cha-Ching $$$$

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