What's it like at Coca Cola?

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    Hi guys,
    I am interested just really curious just as a personal interest what it is like to do pop. I work for a beer company and have no plans of leaving just interested though what it is like at Coca Cola as a route driver.

    In beer we pretty much wheel the stuff in and take off 95% of the time. We don't build displays, the most we do is rotate stock at bars and stuff.

    I know one of the other beer companies here in town had like 5 of there guys quit to go to Coke and they did not last very long at Coke at all.

    Coke here in Cleveland, is a pretty well run operation they have beautiful trucks even the older trucks are beautiful there always super clean and don't have a spec of rust on them any where.

    However, I am interested what it's like to work as a route driver at Coke? I heard like in beer we can have 16-20 stops some days. I heard Coke is not like that, sometimes a delivery at Coke at certain places can take 1-2 hours and because of that Coke guys don't have as many stops maybe 10 a day instead.

    Which would explain why Coke here in Cleveland has a lot of B trucks, and bulk trucks. The B trucks go to the gas stations and C-Stores and some of the smaller grocery stores and the Class A trucks are like the bulk trucks that go to the big main grocery stores.

    From what I see in the world Coca Cola seems to be a pretty tightly run ship. They make sure there well represented and pretty much run there own show.

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