Whats the new acct's Ikeep hearing about?

Discussion in 'Holland' started by jjincks, May 1, 2006.

  1. jjincks

    jjincks Member

    I keep hearing just wait things are going to get crazy when a new national acct. kicks in. Anyone have any ideas, I've heard something about hauling mail.
  2. HOT4GM

    HOT4GM New Member

    harrisburg is suppose to be picking up the border book acct there saying 30 loads a day we'll see the keep putting off the start date
  3. jimmyjoe (jj)

    jimmyjoe (jj) Member

    Like always big news next month, just wait and see!! JJ
  4. Boilerpeddle

    Boilerpeddle Drawing found in trailer

    We at indy have a big borders distribution account. Borders is supposed to be moving the distribution center east so that could be where it's going We don't move quite 30 loads a day but it's 15 or 20 2 or 3 times a week.
  5. nightowl

    nightowl Active Member

    someone mentioned (can't remember if it was zolars or not) in last months conferance call about working on something with the post office. can't remember if it was to haul mail or not. you can probably go to yrcw.com and still listen to the call though.
  6. nightshadow

    nightshadow Member

    Overall the call was worth the listen, but not for that. It is brought up almost at the end of the Q&A, and then Zollars gives a vague one or two sentence answer about some sort of partial consolidation product. I wonder how this can work for us, the USPS has a completely different outlook toward inclement weather than we do. They are still using the chain up and go plan, oh and if you don't have chains just go anyway. By the way, did you catch all the stuff about interlining amongst the carriers that YRCW owns? Sounds vaguely familiar . . .
  7. HOT4GM

    HOT4GM New Member

    i was at hu today and they had yellow trailers in there yard about 5 and the roadway term in parkersburg or whatever the town is on rt7 had about 4 holland trailers wonder whats up?
  8. Cruzer

    Cruzer New Member

    Yep!! Big things are coming! This had been a ongoing statement for the last 5 months, so far I have seen nothing dramatic happening. The lastest statement was made 2 weeks ago in a conversation with the linehall supervisor about the hiring mode we are in. He stated in 2 weeks, we will be begging for a day off,(which will be tomorrow) when the new bids take effect. So knowing they would never tell me a story, I took friday night off to get my lawn and cars cleaned up, and now am ready for the big storm of freight moving our way. :BS:
  9. jimmyjoe (jj)

    jimmyjoe (jj) Member

    HU used to interline points in W.VA. with a company called tri cities. They had a terminal in parkersburg. Maybe they are using Roadway and Yellow to delv. this area now.

    And maybe Yellow is using Holland in Gallapolis to delv. some freight, Who knows!!!
  10. crazy

    crazy Well-Known Member

    :duh: Big announcement coming next month just ask Dirtball :biglaugh: he always has the inside info:biglaugh:.....CRAZY
  11. Sharkey

    Sharkey New Member

    Hey any word yet on what the big news is? I did hear last week that Bestway was going to have big meeting this past Sunday! Maybe we can find out what went down!
  12. johnboy

    johnboy Member

    i hope it's not the mail. i'll never get my mail on time!!!!!!
  13. Griz

    Griz Well-Known Member

    Johnboy, guess what, USF is hauling mail. But , listen to this. One of our dock hands told me today that there is a 10,000 thousand dollar late charge per pallet. Your mail will not be late...... This acct is something like 6 million a year. GRIZZ
  14. Sharkey

    Sharkey New Member

    GRIZZ is this a fact or just a rumor? Who, What, When and Where! Sharkey
  15. usfcloser

    usfcloser New Member

    Its mail, but junk mail. It is for a company that sends out adds for Kohls or Marshal Fields 36 hour sales. I cant remember there name though. I am sure we will se more on it in the next few days. It sounds like we ship it to the post office.
  16. Sharkey

    Sharkey New Member

    Wow JUNK MAIL.. Will all I can say is it better high dollars to pull this freight and not just be fill freight and only break even at the end of the day!
  17. Dirtball

    Dirtball Member

    Sounds like either Donnley or Quebecore ( not sure if I spelled this correctly) I used to pull their freight.If thats the case get used to appointments.It is good paying freight and they do pay on time..
  18. Lawman

    Lawman New Member

    I was at our Detroit term. tues. morning, saw a notice on the board about this. The company name is Haute, it's newspaper inserts, it started on Monday 5/8/06.
  19. Sharkey

    Sharkey New Member

    I'm in Detroit today and I will try and get a copy of this paperwork your talking about Lawman.. Then maybe I can post it on here so everyone can read!
  20. willigkid

    willigkid New Member

    This is ancient history, but the company I worked for (Willig) hauled the same freight out of a company called Merced Color Press in Merced CA. Good freight and lots of it but it had to be there on time. Lots of liftgate deliveries too if my memory serves me right.

    Willig kid

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