Whats the new acct's Ikeep hearing about?

Discussion in 'Holland' started by jjincks, May 1, 2006.

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    Anyone got a idea when this mail contract is going to be in effect? This week in Indy we only had 8 open drivers called out to work Sunday evening! We normally have between 25 to 35 loads! Indy yard has a lot of trailers for outbound but Indy dispatch says that Central says there Monday deliveries. I talked to a local driver and he told me Friday evening and Indy dispatch was asking for local drivers to sign up and work overtime to go pick up loads either Friday evening and or Saturday morning. But we are Slow! Central keeps saying we're all going to get busy and be begging for a day off. This time last year we all were busy and now were slow! What other terminals had a small outbound dispatch for Sunday evening?

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