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Discussion in 'Ward Trucking' started by cityman, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. cityman

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    A friend of mine just put in some applications around town and Ward was one of them. I dont know to much about their pay and benefits,or the work enviroment. The trucks I see on the road look good. Just curious what the starting pay and top scale are,and do the city drivers work the dock? Is this a good company to work for?

    POKER FACE New Member

    they do not pay time and 1/2. if you are going to work more than 8 hrs. you should work for a company that is going to pay you for it!:1036316054:
  3. i know they pay a lot for their health insurance. sorry, i couldn't say for sure how much.
  4. wireman1234

    wireman1234 Member

    you should just go work for burger king. then you can have it your way.:1036316054:
  5. were you insulted by my post in some way?
  6. wireman1234

    wireman1234 Member

    no, should i be....the only people being insulted are the ones not getting time and a half and paying high prices for bennies. but hey thats why if you wanna do that you should just go work for burger king to have it your way........no thats right ward drivers would not feel right there because they pay overtime.....:smilie_132:
  7. Questions Answered

    Well, I work for WARD and have absolutely no complaints. True, we don't get overtime ,but, seldom do I really notice seeing as how on the linehaul side of things we are getting .51 a mile. I have a 408 mile run each night plus whatever time I might get working on the dock or jockeying ,so, I am very happy with the job and am not 1 of these guys who is going to whine and complain about every little thing. To answer 1 of the questions.....nobody HAS to work the dock ,but, if u want dock time then you can easily get it. As a city driver your trailer is loaded already when u get in to work in the morning and your tractor and trailer already hooked and fueled. When u get back to the terminal each night your trailer is stripped by the dock crew. Any other questions? Please feel free to ask!
  8. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    dont be offended warddriver80. wireman is odviously a union ball jerker. he's just mad people that don't get paid for bathroom breaks are happier about thier job than he is.
  9. wireman1234

    wireman1234 Member

    one day you will figure it out..........:chairshot:
  10. justagirl

    justagirl New Member

    Free work!

    Why is it that Truckload express owes some of their drivers for a couple weeks of work??????

    If you want paid for your valuable time, don't work for Ward!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JEEP JERK Active Member

    i talk to a ward driver every day and he pays less for his insurance than i do.ward drivers also make more hourly than us at fedex freight even though they only make straight time.but they get 50 to 60 hours a week right now i'm only getting 43 so time and a half doesn't mean anything when your not getting any.
  12. wireman1234

    wireman1234 Member

    Could you imagine the money if they got overtime........I bet they could to....:biglaugh: :biglaugh:

    JEEP JERK Active Member

    i would think about the same as i make now because they will be cut off early too.
  14. wireman1234

    wireman1234 Member

    then who will pick up the freight, the magical elves
  15. not all companies do that 14. i've been with yellow for over 5 years and have averaged between 15 to 20 hours of ot per week since the beginning. i see your with fxf. the fxf guys i know say the same thing you say. they average between 5 to 10 hours ot per week but say 10 is rare.

    JEEP JERK Active Member

    the other 10 drivers they hire that start 2 hours later than you
  17. wireman1234

    wireman1234 Member

    they could only wish 10 people would walk through there door

    JEEP JERK Active Member

    i know last year you guys were hiring starting at top rate because they were hurting so bad for drivers.
  19. wireman1234

    wireman1234 Member

    lol, not us cause i dont and wont work for ward
  20. shifter

    shifter Member

    Wow, these comments tell you alot about the people there at Ward...just a little touchie...whewwwwwwww..angry drivers, no wonder they go on another channel and never talk with co-workers of the industry..man.....whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....I can't belive you guys would not welcome a guy interested in your company..you should be incouraging to him..

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