What's your detention experience?

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    What is the average amount of time you spend at docks?

    How often do you experience detention?

    Do you notice a difference regarding detention with the ELDs now in effect? Are shippers/consignees improving the time spent at docks since implementation?
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    Shippers,and consignee' will notice a difference when truck owners start charging them for holding their driver,and equipment basically hostage for hours on end. Until then? Most will just blame the ELD...
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    NOTHING is the only change.

    Here's some info from those that created the e.l.d. mess:
    As WE well know, Refrigerated shippers/receivers are on the worst end of holding hostages.

    e.l.d. is a tool and is just as responsible for a Combo being detained on the front and back end of a run as you are for the bugs hitting your windshield.
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