When I hear people blame Obama, say we're in bad shape I don't get it

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Magoo, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Crystal

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    The situation I referred to was from the Old Dominion forum with the thread title of Matrix Disability. According to the posts the fired employee was out of work for 8 weeks. Another poster wrote that the FMLA protects workers jobs for up to 12 weeks. Another posted that one must be on the job for a year before they are eligible for the FMLA. I don't know anything more that what I read. But IMO this employee was treated unfairly. You can have the last word and I'll try to stay on topic.
  2. fatboybuffett

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    Obama's own piers are saying he failed! Including Jesse Jackson, E.W. Jackson, Bernie Sanders.
    Bernie Sanders makes a point about black unemployment
    "50 percent of African-American young people are either unemployed or underemployed,”
    Under Obama, Blacks Are Worse Off -- Far Worse
    Obama Failed Blacks With High Unemployment Rate, Racial Justice Plan, Jesse Jackson Says
    black unemployment rate is 9.2%, more than double the rate of white unemployment

    E.W. Jackson: Obama Is Failure As President

    do you get that magoon?
  3. EX396

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    For arguments' sake, let's say that the subject employees' illness and employment status qualified them for FMLA. Let's also assume that the employees' job would not have been eliminated whether he was on leave or not. The employer mistreated this employee. The employer did not take advantage of the employee until the employee chooses not to do anything about it. Now, that employee allowed themselves to be taken advantage of.

    To get back on topic, we're in bad shape and it isn't because of greedy corporations taking advantage of their employees.
  4. Bubba74

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    None of this matters, they got a Homie in da Big House
  5. pilot87

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    Whose "taking control of the language"?...... Someone expresses a different opinion or viewpoint and now it's considered "Taking control of the language"???........ That sounds extreme to me.......just as extreme as blaming the so called "left" for everything you don't like......

    "Taking control of the language"...... What a hoot..... Last I knew....and last I noticed on this forum, you still have use of the language.....no one has "taken control" of it away from you.......

    No one said that......except for you....... We do have laws in this Nation.....and most abide by most of those laws......and the Constitution is still "in place" and is still abide by..... Rafael Cruz isn't going to do anything beneficial for people like us......... He tells you he loves the constitution because he knows people like you will believe that he is all about the constitution......... IF you think he is going to help you,or this Nation, to be a better place......just keep dreaming....at least you'll have that....

    Clinton is a moderate.....Expect nothing different from her other than the maintaining the "Status quo".....which is what the "Corporate Masters" want....
    Sanders isn't a moderate at all......He is definitely and defiantly to the Left.... which isn't what the "Corporate Masters" want.....

    A great job has been done moving the playing field so far to the right that anything slightly left is now considered extreme...

    It depends on your perspective.....
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  6. jimmy g

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    I brought an excellent YRC employee to my current employer. He did a fine job. 3 years later he was found to have terminal lung cancer. Company policy is 12 months short term disability payout and providing health insurance. They ignored policy long as they could, paying his insurance for 19 months, even then COBRA until his Medicare kicked in. I work for a tremendous company. Family oriented. 86 warehouses in USA and Canada, but still most managers know most employees and their families, having family banquets and outings several times a year. It makes a difference!
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  7. pilot87

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    You're fortunate to work for such a good Company.....

    I'm glad for you....
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  8. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    Really?... Which "Homie" is in "Da Big House"?.....
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  9. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    The left
    Trumps a Nazi
    Wanting to live by the constitution is "extremist"
    If you disagree with the current president your a "racist"
    Disagree with gay marriage your a "homophobe"
    Immigrants your a "xenophobic"

    The left has taken the language and twisted it to fit their needs
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  10. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    Clinton is not a moderate she is a let winged progressive extremist
    Compare her words to those of JFK to se how far let the Dem party has gone

    Yet I , who wants to live by the Constitution am the "extremist"
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  11. Rastus

    Rastus ..“We caught em”..

    A swamp is a wetlands now because who wants to save a swamp.
    Prejudice is racism now because someone can adjust the definition to fit the situation.
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  12. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    See what you just did??... You said that the "left" has "taken the language and twisted it to fit their needs".....and then you call Clinton a "left winged progressive extremist" ..... The "right wing" says stuff like that so its base will run to the polls and "vote" for whomever the Republicans give you as a "choice"... See how that "fits their needs"? See how the "left isn't "controlling the language..... you were free to use the language in the manner you saw fit...... Now tell me again that the Left has "taken control of the language.....
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  13. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    No one called you an "extremist" because you want to "live by the Constitution"..... Now tell me Exactly how you are "living by the Constitution"... and how anyone is preventing you from living your life the way you want to.....
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  14. Rastus

    Rastus ..“We caught em”..

    Calling illegal aliens immigrants. There not immigrants they are illegals.
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  15. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    Is he?..... Or is that an opinion?...... Does expressing that opinion mean that the "left" is controlling the language??...

    ..No one, other than you, has said "wanting to live by the Constitution" is "extremist" ...Sounds like you're twisting the language to fit your needs... That doesn't seem to me like the "Left" is controlling the language.....

    .. Now of course your being sarcastic......but in doing so, you've demonstrated that you used the language in the manner you saw fit to make a point....which means that NO ONE is "controlling the language".....

    And the "Right" never does that??? ...... Can't you be honest once and acknowledge that the "Right" uses the language to "fit" their needs as well........
  16. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    They are undocumented immigrants......which means they have immigrated here illegally.....or if you prefer, Illegal Immigrants....

    Do you know what an Immigrant is?.... It is a person who moves to a foreign country to live.......which can be done legally, thus being Documented...or they can be undocumented...which is illegal....... It is NOT illegal to be a Human being anywhere on this Planet....
  17. Rastus

    Rastus ..“We caught em”..

    It's not illegal to be a human being, it's illigal to sneak into our country and they are aliens=illigal aliens!
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  18. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    NO ONE is arguing that a person who comes here without going through the "Process" is here illegally..... You can call them " Illegal Aliens" or "Illegal Immigrants".... Or undocumented Immigrants...or Undocumented Aliens.......... It sounds to me like you are the one that is trying to change the definition to fit the situation...... Simply referring to them as "Illegals" (as you did in your previous post) is inaccurate and implies they are somehow less than Human....they're, ~gasp~, "Illegals"............
  19. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    She is
    Her track record proves it
    She wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky
    Have you ever seen Trump at a Nazi rally, or a KKK rally (was that him standing next to the statue of Robert Bryd?) Trump doesn't come out screaming to disavow an endorsement by David Duke and all the sudden Trump is the Grand Wizard of the Brooklyn branch of the KKK
    Meanwhile, Barry launches his political career in the house of a terrorist, that's ok

    yes they do
    Ted Cruz is by far the strongest Constitutionalist running for president, he is called an extremist constantly, yet Bernie who is an admitted socialist is considered moderate. Seriously
    I live by the rule of law which was originally set forth in the Constitution
    How are people preventing me?
    where is education in the Constitution?
    its not 10th Amendment issue, yet it goes through DCgrad, it affects my children and what they are taught in school.
    My lightbulbs, my toilet, my faucet, etc......... all things the Feds have no power to regulate but they have
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  20. Rastus

    Rastus ..“We caught em”..

    Doesn't look like Ms Clinton or Obama missed anything.
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