When I was young & dumb I did some really stupid stuff,but not as dumb as this.

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Apostolic, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Apostolic

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  2. RacerX69

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    Yes Apo, a very stoopit thing to do. When I was that age some people I ran around with did something like this, they called it "Hypo Crush". Hyperventilate, take a really deep breath, then someone stands behind you and squeezes around your chest.

    You (usually) pass out.

    When you come to there is a euphoric sensation, a "high".

    If you are lucky there is no permanent brain damage from oxygen starvation to the brain.

    Not a smart thing to do.

    But then young people are not always long on smarts,are they?

    Then we have adults, and the odd things they engage in.

    Remember David Carradine? He was the actor who starred in the Kung Fu TV show.

    He died while engaging autoerotic asphyxiation in 2009. Apparently some people feel that restricting blood (and therefore oxygen) to the brain during self pleasure is the ultimate "sexual high". That is what the authorities suspect he was doing when he died. They found his body in a closet in a hotel in Thailand. He had a rope around his neck, and it appeared he had been masturbating.

    He was 72 years old.

    So even adults are not immune to engaging in (really) stoopit behavior.
  3. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    never heard of this....

    back in my day, to get high....teens smoked reefer.....and watched Reefer Madness many times...

  4. TedWard

    TedWard on the Chainwax

    We huffed gasoline when we couldn't afford pot.
  5. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    when cans of spray paint had lacquer, kids used to sniff that too...

    and airplane glue......!!!!!

    ahhh yes......the good ole days
  6. Cerberus_Kelpie

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    I was a "victim" of "hypo crush" in the 8th grade. It WAS weird and after the second (or third?) time, that was enough.
    I would NOT again engage such behavior.

    Did the huffing in 10th grade, PAM spray in a bag. Not as exciting as the above yet I did not pass out.

    Dried out and attempted to smoke Banana Peels in the latter 70s which led to a massive HEADACHE. The event was NOT again attempted.

    Butyl as well Amyl Nitrate were other experiments which, like shooting Cocaine, elevated the Heart Rate to phenomenal levels.

    Alcohol was my main destructive engineer with me being the lead off the trolley pilot.

    Nowadays, the destructive forces are Cigarettes, Caffeine, DRIVING TRUCKS and, of course, our friends in the d.o.t.

    Hope something in this odd post helps someone do something constructive with their LIFE.


    ***I have never, despite the mental obliterating effects of alcohol, nor shall I ever have family relations with any animals that are not Bipedal, nor shall I ever claim such affiliation with non Bipedal Life Forms***Unless they have their own Ship and they have come, with a large vat of Calgon, to take me away***CHEERS!!***.......end........of.......oblique.......line
  7. pro1driver

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    i usually eat anything icy cold, like ice cream, really fast.....

    what a fantastic, MASSIVE headache that gives..............~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~
  8. Gone Fishin

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    Another form of weeding out the gene pool.....
  9. Apostolic

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    Hmm I always wondered what was wrong with you C_K.
    Naw just kidding,however doesn't all of that abuse of ones brain catch up after a time?
  10. WildHeart

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    Every time one of these stories gets posted I have to say a prayer that my kids won't die of their own stupidity...KIDS DO THE DUMBEST STUFF!! I did really, really, really dumb things as a teenager and I would have NEVER done something like this.

    Trying to turn our mule into a bronc ride nearly ended in disaster, racing wheelchairs down a mountainside, jumping mopeds off prairie dog mounds with shorts on, bottle rockets, gasoline and haystacks...seeing how much air a geo metro could get of the desert dunes, my sister roped an ostrich once (killed the darn thing, she cried for a week) and we tried riding a bull (he was a mean cuss) but CHOKING one another ?!?! Unless in the heat of a really bad fist fight, did making someone pass out sound like fun.

    I worry for these up and coming kids, they have no freaking clue.
  11. WildHeart

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    If you haven't already answered that for yourself you haven't been reading up on his posts lately.......


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