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    Hi guys,
    So the beer distributor is salty about my leaving they didn't want me to leave and are mad that GFS got me. They spent a hole week telling me what an awful horrible company GFS is. Didn't want to tell them that's where I was going, but one manager just started throwing out names and guess correctly.

    Anyhow look whatever management says I have learned should be put in one ear to a certain extent and thrown out the other. Management does not want to do you're job.

    Furthermore, management doesn't pay the companies bills (to the contrary in some cases) the customers do not the managers.

    I don't like bosses or management I have a big problem with people in those positions I wouldn't say I am anit authority, but I do have a problem with some of the idiots and they are idiots that are put into management. Really a lot of the people who are in management really don't belong there. Most of them brown noised there way up are were married in, had nothing to do with talent or merit.

    However forget all of that nonsense the customers are who count management sometimes costs the company as much money as they produce for the company. I think someone on this forum once said management is an old Indian or word for bad decision maker.

    Anyhow here is the deal, yesterday I had 2 of my customers very sad that I was leaving. I am not making this up.

    I always thought I was the worst beer driver ever, it turns out though that's not true I guess.
    My one bar the woman said to me "I heard you are leaving." With a frown on her face. I said "Yes I am."
    She goes "Ugh that's awful, you're the best driver I have ever had from (the company I work for)."
    I said "Thank you. Management did not want to see me go."
    She goes "I bet they didn't a lot of the other drivers I have had sucked. Actually all there drivers suck."

    Another bar the woman said to me "What's going on baby?"
    I said "Next week is my last week here."
    She goes "What? It's can't be you're the best we've had you show you're self in you lock the door up when you're done and turn out the lights, you're the only beer driver that does that, you trained you're self, you're the best one we have! I don't want someone else."

    I said I'm going over to GFS. She asked then asked the cook "Do we buy anything from GFS?"

    I figure that if I can bring that level of customer service to GFS I should be okay because the customers opinion trumps any managers opinion any day of the week. The beer company knew they screwed them selves with me and they knew that there customers on my route were well taken care of that's why they were pizzed when I quit, because they didn't want to lose a quality person there words not mine.

    However I like to keep a low opinion of my self and the reason for that is because I do not ever want to become cocky, arrogant and big headed like the people who I just quit are. I like to stay humble and grounded. I guess what this has taught me though is, I always think I am bad and the worst and turns out that's not always the case and as long as I do my thing the way I am doing it things will work out.
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    They just have the hots for you and want you lol. One thing I miss about food service is seeing the hot waitresses. I always had my favorite stops cuz of the waitresses. I can't believe I'm gonna say this but I got really mad one day last week and I thought about food service. Especially since I'm getting full custody of my son. I have possibly found a food service company to shuttle me a trailer 6 miles from my house...

    Try and enjoy GFS. Yeah it will suck working holidays that's one thing I hated but it's a good paying gig and good benefits. That's what matters now. And the company takes care of its drivers
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    The beer distributor tried to tell me how awful GFS is and that they are the worst place ever. I worked at a pizza shop that had a restaurant attached to it and we had quite a few knockouts working there. I know you probably get to see quite a few nice looking waitresses. The beauty of GFS is a lot of schools so I get lunch lady Dorris instead of Candy and Mandy and Sable.
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