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    I used to run basically the same routes for about 13 years, at another LTL company.
    I was lucky enough to get or monitor my trailer everyday. I would think my route through and I maybe took a pallet jack
    A Dozen times in that timeframe. Where I work now, you had better take one with you to move the Head Load off of the back door.
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    I started the route I'm on in 2000 with another regional ltl carrier. Moved to OD and they said great you can have that route here too. There are days when if you have 12 dels 9 would not have a dock. Most all have fork trucks at least. Not talking residentials either. I have never left my jack behind. But it helps that it doesn't come off the truck very often. As I said before, a dock is so rare in this town that ltl drivers end up at the same places to ask for favors. And some people barely unload their own freight let alone move someone else's. I guess I'll just ask TM every time I see him when he's gonna buy some straps.
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