who would want to buy Wilson??

Discussion in 'Wilson Trucking' started by 6PakAbs, May 14, 2016.

  1. 6PakAbs

    6PakAbs Well-Known Member

    I read on here that some of you think Wilson will be sold...To who?
  2. LTLIndentured

    LTLIndentured Well-Known Member

    Junk equip...low profit freight... Idk. Only thing Wilson has that's valuable is its drivers.
  3. rollerskater

    rollerskater Member

    Covenant transport. Landstar
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  4. mud

    mud Wonderin' AD-FREE USER

    Contact William Zollars.
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  5. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    i think they are past being or wanting to be sold now. They are spending $20 to $25,000 doing complete inside and out over hauls of old tractors. Some of their employees believe it is to stay under the requirements for ELD's coming the middle of next year.
  6. rollerskater

    rollerskater Member

    If you think you got it bad now , then let dollar bill operate wilson and you will wish you had ever met him. Ask any present or former big r employees.
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  7. Frootloop

    Frootloop Well-Known Member

    All of Wilsons equipment I see on the road looks well maintained and decently clean. Those old Volvos look better than most new ones from other companies. Rarely ever see Wilson broke down on side of the road. Personally.
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  8. The Best

    The Best Well-Known Member

    I have not kept up too much with Wilson, although I live very close to their home terminal, but when Buddy was alive and Jim Clark and his son ran the shop. the equipment was "tops". I had a Freightliner at that time and from time to time, I needed a part and Wilson was running all Freightliners then, I would go over and Mr. Clark would give me permission to purchase the needed part. At that time, you could eat off the floor of the shop, it was kept like a hospital, not messy or dirty as most shops are, but "spotless". They had a salvage store on property where you could go and buy their damaged freight or refused freight, you could find some good buys. But over the years, Buddy died, Jim Clark and his son left and I sold my truck and actually lost contact with anyone at Wilson, but they treated me good, but I was not an employee-LOL
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  9. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    Buddy treated his employees very good.Things change.
  10. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Those were the best years to work there from all i hear from the older drivers
  11. rollerskater

    rollerskater Member

    Years ago there was a very strong rumors that the former roadway services were interested on purchasing wilson to be apart of their un union l t l carriers, spartan, coles ,viking and central of tx
  12. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    back in the day....lots of people tried to buy Wilson
  13. Kennesaw Kid

    Kennesaw Kid Super Moderator Staff Member

  14. hotrodd

    hotrodd Active Member

    And just like that poof they were gone. The bad part is I think central freight pays even less than wilson did.
  15. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    they pay city drivers in the midwest over $3 an hr more than Wilson Charlotte drivers
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  16. hotrodd

    hotrodd Active Member

    Well hopefully the old wilson guys will move up.
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