Will CT be a key player in the LTL world in the future?

Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by Frootloop, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. icuicp

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    Good luck at your new spot. Where did you land?
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  3. LTLAnonymous

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    I did a video interview with them in 2009, probably back when they had issues. They asked me that since I was laid off from YRC, what would I do when they called me back. I innocently responded, "Well, I guess I'll have a decision to make," meaning...as long as you guys are a good company to work for, I probably wouldn't go back.

    They didn't take it like that, so... apparently they couldn't even offer something that was equal to 85% of my pay and 25% of my pension at YRC.

    That moment let me know a lot about them, at that time in 2009. Glad to hear things are turning around, though.
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  4. Mr Perfect 01

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    I'm curious when 2014-2015 freightliners were considered junk? If there junk then the drivers need to quit tearing them up. I'm assuming if you driving freightliners still your from one of the southern terminals. Pay is much different everywhere else in the company.
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  6. Mr Perfect 01

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    That's funny because we haul the stuff you buy everyday.:6788:
  7. nophix

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    When the idiots in charge of maintenance refuse to do any of it, that's when.

    Mine was a 15, and had 1100 miles on it when it was delivered to our barn.

    It had 225k on it when I left. It had 2 oil changes, ever. 2. That's it. It was also 5 months past it's yearly, and was in need of several other repairs. It had not a god damn thing to do with how that truck was treated (still looked new).

    Btw, that same truck STILL hasn't been inspected or serviced.

    Also, that BS you're slinging doesn't explain trailers sent to us with giant holes, doors falling off, and my favorite, no brakes AT ALL! I'm one of the few guys who wasn't afraid to refuse to tug that garbage, but most were afraid of termination.

    And no, I'm nowhere near south. Try again.

    You can kiss up to Matty all you want, but I was with CT for many years. I've seen it all. And the last year or so that place took a nose dive.

    I feel sorry for my old co-workers right now, as they're still dealing with this mess. And it's only gotten worse.

    Meanwhile, I'm happy as can be in my new digs.

    There is a hell of a lot going on there that you are either completely ignorant of, or are choosing not to acknowledge. Good luck with that.
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  8. trh1978

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    That's because he knows no better
  9. joes bar and grill

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    Freightliners come out of the factory junk.
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  10. drummerforhire

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    They're hit and miss. I've got one now that I really like, but I've been in a lot more than I don't care for.
  11. LTLAnonymous

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    I'd take an International or a Kenworth first, but Freightliners are probably a strong third place amongst the daycabs we have at my job.
  12. Mr Perfect 01

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    Well I'm not sure we're you were from still driving 2015 Freightliners. Those were all replaced with new units last year. Trailers no matter where you are 1st are rough at times. I have worked for Dayton, YRC, Vitran, Preston, and Central. All had and still have rough leaking trailers with door issues. As far as the brakes go. The driver that pulled that peice of equipment into your terminal without doing a pre trip should have been issued a write up. Brakes don't fail over night. If nobody is notifying the correct people then of course there not going to get fixed. I can only speak from personell experience but every time I wrote something up on either a truck or trailer it gets fixed. I work at a Michigan terminal.
  13. vongrimmenstein

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    CYA Time stamp it & keep a copy.
  14. joes bar and grill

    joes bar and grill Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have a tough time keeping a job
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  15. Frootloop

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    I can't wait to see the reply to this one
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  16. PistonRing83

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    My thoughts exactly. Anybody who worked at Dayton wouldn't be caught dead within a hundred miles of at Central Transport truck unless they got fired...
  17. Mr Perfect 01

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    My end of week paycheck is 200-300 more at Central than Dayton. They always preached OT after 40 but if they only give you38-42 hours per week then it doesn't make a difference. Late start times suck, 2nd shift peddles suck, trailers were in no better condition and I now have a newer tractor then any of their drivers so yeah I'm glad I made the move. No I was not fired from any of my jobs. This November makes 22 years absent free record for me. I show up everyday and do the best possible job with the best possible attitude that I can give my customers. Obviously from your posts that is n9thing you guys are familar with.
  18. Mr Perfect 01

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    Oh and Preston went out of business and YRC well unless you live in a cave you can figure that one out.
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  19. the5tolls

    the5tolls Pay the rate or lock the gate

    I am sure that in the very near future they will be a very big thing! ;D
  20. joes bar and grill

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    when Preston got bought by Yellow they were still paying full NMFA rate.

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