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    I'm sure glad truckin4$ works for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    not me, you can have him!

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    :nono: NO NO NO!!!! Ya have to keep him, I come over here 4 the comedy!!!!!!! :rofl2: :roll1: :rofl2:
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    i believe they already picked the winners...at least there was a driver at my terminal picked and all travel arrangements have been made. maybe they will put all the winners on the news center.
  5. I don't think he does,if he's even a truck driver. He sounds like that guy on the R&L t.v.,saying how we can save fuel. The only people that are believing that are the people in the offices,on the dock,or the mechanics--and most of them know better. The people that are actually fueling everyday know how much they are using now compared to what they use to use. Also how can you improve your fuel milage by having your truck serviced? My truck is serviced regularly,probably more than most because of all the miles put on it,and neither me or the mechanics know how to improve the fuel milage without putting the computer on it and changing the settings that Wilmington sent down. If you do get somebody to do that then you and the mechanic will be fired. I had this arguement with the shop when they came out with that stupid fuel shoot out. There is no way that I could ever win that,and I run on cruise over 75% of the time. Trucking4$ needs to quit showing his ignorance and let us real drivers discuss this matter.
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    did any body notice on the shoot out if you pay attendion that every time they show a winner that wilmington driver is every other driver that win it was point out to me
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    Don't take offense Tagalong, but what???

    Anyway, back to the original topic. We have a dock guy that's going to rep our terminal.
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    Shortbus huh..... I don't like shifting my truck all the time but *****ing wont change it. So I shift right and dont beat my old dog...

    I'm sure you can show me how taking power away can make it break down?

    Less power = less stress on driveshafts, crank, bearings, rod ends, transmission, clutch, rearends, ect.. Ya you must be a wrench bender from way back:hysterical:
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    I'm curious to know how there is "less" stress on the clutch and tranny when you are down shifting and up shifting all of the time. Please explain that to all of us.
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    that every other driver that win the shoot out is a wilmington driver the might show a dallas driver and then a wilmington driver they show chicago driver and then a wilmington driver that all i'm saying
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    Less power??? What are you thinking??

    As far as everyone arguing about the trucks getting the hp turned down, if you actually knew what you were talking about, you would know that the only way the hp can be changed is by a "dealer". The shop can not turn a trucks hp up or down. They can only change the top speeds. I have seen way too many arguements on here about changing hp, and it is reduculious. I am one of the people who have changed the settings on the trucks, and the only thing I have changed is top speed and shift points!
  12. The pulling power and horse power CAN be changed. The next time you see a shop forman put a computer on a truck go over and look what he's doing. Any experienced driver knows about setting trucks up,someone that just holds the steering wheel may not. Wilmington has a list of settings that they want our trucks set at,thats why you only got more speed and not more horse power. As far as the stress on trucks,don't you feel as if you should have another gear when at top speed. That's the truck telling you that it is being restrained,tached out too much.
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    I'm not sure whether or not our shop can adjust the hp but I do know there are different settings in the turbos at different regions. For example, at Scranton I believe the turbo on our trucks is turned down to the lowest company setting. It is also the same throughout most terminals in the northeast that get routine service out of the big philly shop. During the recent switch over to single axle's, we recieved 5 tractors (macks) from Richmond and 1 from Newark. The Richmond trucks run better and get better fuel mileage than all the other tractors at out terminal. You can hear the turbo a lot more and the sound changes like its getting a little extra boost when pulling grades. Our mechanics checked the fuel mileage on every tractor and the Richmond trucks came out with the best mileage. I asked our head mechanic if they were going to get the other trucks adjusted and he said his boss in philly told him no.
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    I agree the trucks could use another gear, but not the top gear. They need to be able to split ninth and tenth. The mack trucks get the best fuel economy when running 1550 rpms. That is where their sweat spot is. That will get you the best fuel economy and pulling power. And again, if a truck is under warranty, and you change the hp rating, it voids the warranty. R+L does not have the software needed to change the hp rating on any engines. If you would like, I will hook up to your truck, and show you the rating is set at 350hp (if you drive a mack). That is where all of the macks are set from the factory at. The turbo is not adjustable either, but you could have a bad one.....
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    the turbo is not bad and i will stand by that since there are 5 trucks like that. there is obviously something else then that is boosting the turbo but that is what our head mechanic told me and he is very good at his job. it is not a mileage thing either since the truck we got from newark at the same time has the richmond trucks has approx. 160,000 miles and mine has about 320,000 and the richmond truck would pull away from the newark truck.
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    There are many things that will effect the power, such as egr cooler, air to air, and the way an "A" service was done. When they perform an "A" service, they adjust the valves. I have never done a Mack, but I know that on a detroit engine, if you adjust them exactly the way the book shows you, the engine will lose power..... You want to leave them on the loose side of the spec, and you will get the most power. It will make a huge difference.
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    If your exhust stack is pointed backwards towards the trailer you will hear the turbo more in the cab than if its pointed to the right....

    If your shifting your truck properly you shouldn't worry about the clutch or trans... I've seen a trans go at 150,000 on one truck, rears on another go at 230,000, clutch go on one at 360,000 and some with over 400,000 with just oil, water and lots of fuel....

    With so many sensors on a truck if the protective coating wears off the wire your computer can get a bad read.. Most sensors work on milli-volts.. Doesn't take much to throw a sensor off when its reading milli-volts...
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    The regional shop managers are the ones that have the codes to do anything they want but the regular shop foreman do not I watched them turn my truck down and the only thing they did was set it to do 63 on the foot and 65 on cruise that was all my time was only off by 10 min at most and I run 600 miles a day
  19. Funny, by my math that works out to about 25 minutes. I dunno where you're getting 10.

    Tell us another one.
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    Well we finally found out whos going to represent us.Our sales woman.Sure glad they selected someone that has never been to the Oh office before. :rolleyes1::biglaugh:

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