Windshield cleaning fluid carries deadly legionnaires bacteria

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by JIM BOB, May 20, 2014.

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    ok, first of all, how does that washer fluid get INTO the car where the people are sitting..??

    no way that i can think of.

    i can see the radiator antifreeze (aka: coolant) seeping into the passenger area via a bad heater core, but the washer fluid..??

    i think not.

    many people (and some of you have seen this) drive with the outside vents closed. you see this, as they pass you, or you pass them, and the windows are all fogged up. as a result, they are inhaling the same air over and over again, and everyone's germ's to boot. this is how someone can get sick.

    everyone needs to be driving with the fresh air vents open. (or the windows slightly open as well)

    and that is simple enough.

    instead of the "MAX" setting on the heater-a/c control, slide it over to "NORM". this allows the duct work to open up the plenum doors to allow fresh air to enter.

    i see no real viable way for the washer fluid to enter the air-stream of any vehicle, unless, some dope keeps it in the car, back seat area, and the top is not closed properly, and the jug falls over and spills.

    so since this is a "Popular Science" article, i will take this article with the usual grain of salt, like i would usually do in the past, when they warned us of such other horrors.

    until it is in the N.E. Journal of Medicine, it's just page filler.

    now as for the DEF..??

    synthetic products...??? open skin wounds....get some on the wound..???

    well then..maybe, i am sure.
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    You do remember the old saying...You Cant Fix Stupid....right??
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    I'm a window clean fanatic. I use windshield washer fluid in my spray bottle all the time. Mostly in the winter. Its used to clean stuff too. Maybe that should stop. One more thing. When I bought a new vw back in 03 .. When you used the washers in it the smell of the fluid would come in the car. It smelled real good to. But you don't smell the stuff you buy on the market. What I'm saying is it does come into the car you just don't know it.
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    You spray your windshield and where does the WW fluid go? That's right, to the bottom of your windshield, the same place the fresh air intake is located.
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    when it rains, where does that water go..??

    same place right, but it does not enter the cabin. there are drain holes along the area. by the time any vapors might enter, the rush of fresh air would "dilute" any vapors.

    we stand a better chance of getting sick (and maybe spreading any sickness) with a bad heater core or not using the "norm" setting on the heater/a-c control.

    again, it was from Popular Science, a rag magazine that predicted flying cars that we'd all be driving.

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