Woman awarded $13 million after log truck accident

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by rowdy, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Granted, she's terminally buggered for life, however she was also negligent in her use of the seatbelt which would well have lessened her injuries.
    The driver of her travel was wearing his seatbelt.
    Did he initiate a lawsuit against said trucking company or against her or was he involved as a attachment or involved at all apart from being a witness?

    I'm sure they were as well exceeding the posted speed limit.
    How many teenagers responsibly drive at or below posted speed limits? I know I didn't.

    IF the truck driver had KNOWINGLY pulled out in front of said 4 wheeler and CAUSED the accident, then YES, he's at fault.
    IF he engaged the u-turn after having verified no vehicles oncoming and yet was struck by one, how then is such his fault?
    Same applies to ANY location of u-turn application.
    When there is no signage to indicate NO U-TURN, then such procedure is allowed.

    I surmise that the 4 wheeler she was riding in had faulty headlights (like the MANY we see nightly, out of adjustment) and as such the occupants weren't able to deduce the trailer till they were upon it, therefore they had no recourse of action in avoiding.

    It sucks that she was injured and will be impaired for life, yet she was admittedly at fault for her injuries thereby she is as well to blame.

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