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Discussion in 'Saia' started by Brother Trucker, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Last week I (system driver) was assigned to a work off run origin DLS to SPF-laydown-SPF to TUL to OKC to DLS.

    Friday, I made the first work off and rehooked. Called Central dispatch and found out the non enroute terminal freight FTS was supposed to unload at the first work off. Who told me? Central dispatch did. Not the origin terminal. Guess who had to unhook and bump the dock a second time? You know the rest of the story. At least this time the yard wasn't an ice covered slope.

    Anybody have similar experiences? What changes should I make or questions would you recommend I ask?
  2. othertrucker2001

    othertrucker2001 Professional Flummoxer

    Why the h*ll doesn't management communicate these things to each other instead of letting stuff like this happen?
  3. kevmanham

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    You bet......... I have work off problems every night. I have the DEN-RAT-PUB-DEN. Every night I have to work off at Pueblo Co. Let me tell you. We just moved from our old terminal which was in the back of an ancient slaughter house / train depot to an old shipping dock on that was designed for 6 wheeler box trucks. The dock is too short for our trailers. Oh, and I should mention there is no roof over the dock. Yup, its open air. It is an awesome time in the 3-8 inches of snow and the -40 F wind. Yes, work offs at Saia are awesome. Oh, and the yard is dirt, well after you get across the street you have to back in off of to get to it, if you dare venture out on it.

    As for suggestions. I would see if the origin terminal could some how seperate your load...... Or at least mark the frt with chalk so you can see what comes off easily.
  4. It would be simple for the origin terminal to tell the driver that you have work off at terminal A and B and the following freight comes off at A and the other comes off at B. If a third terminal not enroute is involved then let the driver know where the freight comes off at. It would sure beat having to break down the set twice at the same terminal.

    I made a similar run the previous day out from the same terminal (same work off route). They just said work off at A and B with few specifics. The work off at terminal B wasn't too bad since it was only one skid that we had carried to the rear of the pup for the forklift to unload. Meaning not having to break the set a second time. It would have just been nice if the origin terminal had made things much clearer as to what was coming off and where.
  5. It almost sounds like the TYL terminal which is an old railroad dock. It does however have a roof over the dock.:hysterical:
  6. late cut

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    You could say that the commo link here at Saia is down,but that implies that one existed in the first place.
  7. othertrucker2001

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    It's strange to find someone that is will to agree with me on these coversations about Saia. You make sure you hide your identity so they don't find out about you. You might get put on the crappy list as I am for being outspoken. :hysterical:
  8. Collard Green

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    BT, just wondering why are you hooking pups instead of the yard man, or your switcher.
  9. The hooks depend on what the terminal wants done. In my short experience, I've observed that only one terminal I've dealt with prehooks and that is due to the nature of the freight being hauled. Most terminal managers don't want the cost associated with hooks to be charged to their terminal. They sure do get in a big snit if you are late in dispatching out though, because it reflects poorly on their service.

    In the conversation previous, when I arrived the hostler was kind enough to at least spot the work off trailer to the dock for me and that saved quite a bit of time. The second visit to that terminal the yard was dry and I was able to back the lead and converter gear up without having to unhook the dolly.
  10. nervouswreck

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    Because we're paid to hook em, not the yard man or the switcher.:duh:
  11. nervouswreck

    nervouswreck Member

    There is no list here at Saia, we're all treated equally.:biglaugh: :toxic: :hysterical:
  12. hasbeenking

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    :hysterical: I'm already on the "crappy list"I guess I need to start doing this>:butt kiss:
  13. biker2bee

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    Work Offs

    BT, just to be safe, allways check the manifest, and the bills before leaving the yard.Then if there any questions they can be answered then. Especially if you know the run is a workoff run. :1036316054:
  14. kevmanham

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    You know, I have been on the list for some time now.... Me and a few other drivers have the 'reputation' for being outspoken. But, hey, there is that thing called freedom of speech, well, for now anyways.

    Oh, and about drop and hooks............ I have never had anyone hook mine. Also, we had a guy come out of Omaha with a pre-hooked set, did not check it good, and 30 miles down the road his gear bounced out of the pintle and the back box rolled. So, I would rather do my own.
  15. othertrucker2001

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    OH NO. THERE'S A LIST. :1036316054: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! I feel like I'm at work now. :toxic: :butt kiss:
  16. Looks like I learned that one the hard way. I guess the question is "what freight stays on the trailer?"

    As for the prehooks, you should know the drill about the last guy to pull or drive the equipment is the one who is responsible for it. Yew betcha I check the hooks, even if I do a meet and turn. Who knows what could of happened to the equipment.
  17. hippo

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    ya!! Like dog DO DO commiiin. boy stir crazy thees guys ought to be thankfull they have a job, but I sure wouldn't want to kick freight in 40 bellow temps. commode would you like some cheese with your wine?????:butt kiss:
  18. That DLS-SPF-TUL-OKC run is now open for bid.:smilie_132:
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    hipo,........... your such a wuss!!!!!! go lay down in hky.... screw with me and you will live at the best western atl south, ha, ha!check your seal numbers beeeeeach!!!!
  20. He wasn't part of those 11 mispulls was he?

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