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Discussion in 'Sysco' started by bigblk, Jun 20, 2014.

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    The last 7 or so years they have had some routes go out on holidays, they always had a voluntary sign up sheet. Got the memo this week that they are forcing everyone to work July 4 this year, we already have a limited number of 3 day weekends per year, and people were looking forward to one extra this year. Money for working the holiday will be good, but I am at the point were I enjoy the time off more than the money. Any other Opco's forcing holiday work?
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    The only holidays we're off on in KC is Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. All others we work unless they fall on the weekends.
    I actually prefer it: The rest of the week isn't a living hell because of the missed day and with all the cancelled routes I have enough seniority now to turn right around and go back home once I make an appearance. It's a drag waking up and coming in, but it beats the alternative in my opinion, though I'm sure the guys having to work would disagree.
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    I dont miss working holidays at all. I like my time at home especially when I have my son. Just nice to go hang out with friends and family instead of working while everyone else is having fun

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    We worked Memorial day, but I didn't because Monday is/was my regular day off. Yeah it's nice to have the day off, but like Lazlo said, you pay for it later, really pay for it. There's a memo stuck everywhere that we're working the 4th, but I knew all along because it falls on a Friday. You want to piss off management? Call in sick on a Friday, any Friday will do. Friday is way too big a day to just shut down even if it is the 4th.

    Because of the highway construction downtown this year, they are holding the celebration in the park, and they won't allow any parking in the park, you'll have to walk or take public transportation. So maybe it won't be so bad for us this year. I've had to deliver downtown with the celebration in full swing on the 4th before and it is very clusterful.

    It will usually work three ways, we'll all be off, then we're all overwhelmed the next day, or they'll have a limited number of routes and ask for volunteers, then force the lower men in, or they'll work everyone, then only let a few senior people off for sure, everyone else who wanted off will have to call Sunday night around 7:00pm. It's holiday roulette. I don't care anymore, I'll take the money, or I'll take the time. They get their 70 hours, and the rest belongs to my wife evidently.
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    I know this Saturday I'm pretty sure I'm working. The company decided that it was easier for us to work Saturday then try to make up for lost time the rest of the week. Actually really it's not to awful, if I'm helping someone I go to a restaurant and buy take out the night before and give the driver I am working with lunch. However this time I'll probably be on my own so what ever it's cool, I doubt it but maybe they will give me the Class B box truck and let me run an auxiliary route on Saturday in that, that would be cool. Actually when we have to work on Saturday it's not really that awful the case count is a little lighter and the company knows most of the guys are peeved so they bring in all the helpers and rent a couple bigger straight trucks in addition to the ones we own and use the straight trucks to lighten the load. We had to work Memorial Day weekend and there were a few not so happy campers to say the least. I think our working Saturday interrupted someones fishing trip in fact I swore I heard someone say "Work on Saturday, but I had made plans to go fishing!"
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    Ouch. That sucks. I used to run most holidays at con-way. But that was by choice, I hate being forced to work holidays. Then again for about 4 years, I missed every single holiday/birthday being deployed or in training

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