worst job ever

Discussion in 'Cowan Systems' started by derbyjumper, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. derbyjumper

    derbyjumper New Member

    id rather work at wawa
  2. deadhead

    deadhead Member

    The driver jobs at wawa pay pretty good and they have very good benefits. What location do you work out of and what exactly makes Cowan the worst job ever? I'm just curious. It seems to me it's one of the better regional jobs in the northeast. I never worked for them or spoke to anyone in HR so I'm just guessing when I say that.
  3. derbyjumper

    derbyjumper New Member

    10 to 12 hrs a week unpaid delay time $125.00 a week med.pkg. that is'nt worth **** and a avg. pay night is $100 to 140 so whats that about 11 bucks per. hr.? Nice new trucks so big deal,new trucks and trls.dont pay my bills!
  4. yossarian

    yossarian New Member

    Wow things sure have changed. I drove for them about 6 yrs ago based in Latham N.Y.. 2500 to 3000 miles a week at.40 a mile to start. We used to haul a lot of soda and beer up and down the east coast. I still talk to Cowan drivers on the CB, idont hear many complaints. Where were you dispatched out of?
  5. dumpman

    dumpman Member

    youare referring to a cashiers job?
  6. Local_Driver

    Local_Driver Pyle People deliver

    I know somebody who walked out of orientation when he found out how much he wasn't going to make.
  7. jeepnutt

    jeepnutt New Member

    I almost was going to work there. When the recruiter guy started bad-mouthing the other place I had applied at I knew there was something wrong there. That and they didn't tell me about the weekend work til about the 3rd phone conversation. Shortly after taking the other job I saw about 3 drivers from allentown at the fryestown truckstop bitching and complaining about the job. Foul mouths right in front of the fuel desk cashiers. What a poor representation of the company, I'm glad I didn't take that job.
  8. nightlinedr55

    nightlinedr55 Member

    We recently had 4 experienced drivers quit there local city jobs at FedEx Freight in Salt Lake City and now drive for Cowan, some Western Regional, and one that I know of 48states. I'll keep you posted as to how long they stay. One was a women driver, that left a year ago and still there with her husband, who has worked there longer. They sat they will make more money there that at FedEx Freight, that pays $23.85hr. and 60.5cents a mile driving line haul, which they are eliminating some line haul runs, due to using rail and purchase trailers. They say they will run 2500-3000 miles a week.
  9. krarf

    krarf New Member

    I left fdx little over a month ago to work for these guys, and was let go for log book errors (2) , never written up never suspended nothing just brought in and terminated.
    so in doing some research on the fmsca website i'm finding a lot of irregularities. I wish I knew was gonna be this way before left prior job
  10. nightlinedr55

    nightlinedr55 Member

    Oh just an update, FedEx now pays $24.28hr Cowan I believe is 40-43cent mile. As soon as I here from a few drivers that went over to Cowan from FedEx, I'll post what they make.
  11. nightlinedr55

    nightlinedr55 Member

    oh, Now it's $24.28hr.
  12. steelhauler34

    steelhauler34 Member

    It all depends where u are too. Here top pay for fxf is 24.93 an hour and .63 cpm. They can have the Cowan jobs. Wish some people at my barn would go to Cowan...lol.

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  13. AkitaDog

    AkitaDog Well-Known Member

    Just another bottom feeder job!
  14. nightlinedr55

    nightlinedr55 Member

    Oh that is $24.28 hr. and $36.42 OT.
  15. nightlinedr55

    nightlinedr55 Member

    I told you so, but you did not listen. No over the road job is going to pay more than FedEx freight. How stupid were you, and all the other FedEx drivers that left. You must have gotten lazy, like the 300lb. chick that went to Cowan, cause she could not do city work. And when you are a new driver in any trucking job, they don't have to give you a write up. Remember you are on a 90day or so probation period. And being a former experienced truck driver from FedEx, I would think you would know how to fill out a log, or at least keep track of it. Personality, I cannot stand frigging logs. I would try to get in with another LTL company, some are hiring. Who wants to sleep in a truck, and not home everyday for a lot less pay.
  16. I'm glad they left FXF moved me up two spots!
  17. nightlinedr55

    nightlinedr55 Member

    And why would you leave FedEx Freight at top scale pay with 8yrs. in seniority, a 401-k, 3 weeks vacation, 601/2 cents a mile if you run linehaul (Half cent more for triples) on the weekends, $24.28hr. running city, $36.42 OT, personal, Holiday pay, good benefits, home everyday, and so on. ( And I do know who you are) To go over the road and work for this run of the mill cheap Yankee trucking company? You need to be drug tested for smoking crack! And the Moron that went with you (Kenny) is now driving a dump or water truck for half the pay. You must have gotten Lazy, which is in your blood. Oh by the way, no one misses you, and your piss poor attitude. Thanks for moving me up one on the seniority list, and 2 more up with big dumb Kenny leaving to. You two can make a remake movie together, called A Dumb and Dumber Trucker 2.
  18. Local_Driver

    Local_Driver Pyle People deliver

    Still voted worst job in the region. Keep up the good work cowan! Or I should say anyway bad work huh?!

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