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    Would you stop loving a friend or family member if they were doing Heroin? Would you encourage or condone their behaviors and choices to do so because they said that it makes them feel good?

    Most people would say no to those questions and respond that they would show grace and love to that family member or friend.

    We teach our children that they cannot always go off of feelings alone when it comes to choices in life. We try to instill in them good and proper morals, teach them right from wrong, and what is good and evil. We as parents love our children so much that we have to make rules and laws in the family and when those rules and laws are broken, we have to do the hard thing and punish them. We do not do so out of hate or spite, but out of love.

    You would never encourage your child or friend to do harm to themselves, so how could you be asked to do so knowing that in the end the choices they made on feelings alone would eventually cause them harm.

    A lot of things may seem to make us happy even though many times all we are doing is trying to escape from something that we do not want to confront. We get pulled in many directions on the choices that we make, it is our personal walk to make proper ones.

    We have to armor our hearts against the tug to follow an improper path, the enemy is strong and crafty and knows that feelings and emotions is the easy course. That starts by listening to the whispers guiding your way on a proper course.

    Choices have outcomes and can be good or bad, but never expect someone who truly loves you to encourage you to choose the wrong ones. That is not to say that love would be lost or that grace could not be given.

    None of us are without fault or sin, it is the choices we make and the forgiveness we ask that in the end bring about righting us in a storm fought on levels that we may not even comprehend.

    I was asked what would you do as a parent if you knew your child was harming themselves spiritually and physically. Would I accept their behavior and even endorse it. A similar question that I posed but on a different subject, and my response is something many just can not wrap their minds around.

    As a parent I love my child unconditionally no matter what choices they make. That does not mean that I can condone those behaviors or even encourage them. I stated that on the spiritual level I hope that my child would ask for forgiveness for the sin committed. I say that with the utmost love and grace!

    It is not condemning a child or a person knowing that they are making improper choices, just as it is not proper to condone or support them either in those choices that in the end cause harm.

    So how would people expect others to support and encourage something they know is wrong? That does not mean that grace and love for the individual is lost either.
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