xnh files for union represantation

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by peckerwood, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. peckerwood

    peckerwood Member

    Change Conway To Win

    and to think this is the beginning of bigger things to come
  2. Nightmare On Earhart

    Nightmare On Earhart Active Member

    Uh-oh CGO...
    one, two...teamsters coming for you...
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  3. rangeman

    rangeman Active Member

    xnh files for union represantation Looks like XNB might be getting a little busy 20 minutes away.
  4. TeamRider

    TeamRider Member

    Word is Conway is already planning their strategies on how to block this movement ! If the LA terminals vote for representation they are going to use the same BS of filling charges of threats. intimidation and vandalism to try to block the election and stall the negotiations. They could try but they are not going to stop this from moving forward ..
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  5. Nightmare On Earhart

    Nightmare On Earhart Active Member

    You could just ask the palace their plans...they read these boards, religiously...
  6. rose glass

    rose glass Active Member

    Think about it? Xnb can handle xnh and service the freight and make line haul ? Ain't happening... What cnn needs to do is drive 20 miles up and support them
  7. Bankrupt

    Bankrupt Super Senior Member

    Somebody had to be first.
  8. rose glass

    rose glass Active Member

    I sure hope so, fed ex has petitions at hubs.... So it'll be upsf fedex with the fair package and ***** like conway and old dominion
  9. 616jimmy

    616jimmy Well-Known Member

    I hope so ,you people need all the help you can get to deal with these folks, they are not nice people and don't have your best interest at heart at all, the old company is dead, this new bunch is out for you if you don't think so just watch, the worst is yet to come!:17113:
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  10. Convict

    Convict Well-Known Member

    Vote Yes xnh !
  11. Instigator

    Instigator Gee, This Is Fun

    Hurry up goons! Gotta go east to try a little intimidation and slight of hand to get your cards signed!

    Run, Forrest, run!

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  12. Rollin62

    Rollin62 Well-Known Member

    Even you deserve a contract instigator
  13. Instigator

    Instigator Gee, This Is Fun

    If I wanted one, I would have applied at a company that had a union.

    If you wanted one, you could've done the same.

    I deserve to be left alone at the job I have.
  14. highspeeds


    Why is that so hard to understand ?

    These guys cry and whine about they want a union. And the union carriers are begging for help.
  15. Rollin62

    Rollin62 Well-Known Member

    The conway employees came to the union for help .
  16. highspeeds


    Then they should go work for the union. Don't stay and claim you want something that is available to you.
  17. Rollin62

    Rollin62 Well-Known Member

    Conway started this by their policies. It wasn't me, you , or the union. You can't threaten people's lively hoods on a daily basis without some consequences. Sooner or later, the bully is defeated on the school yard.
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  18. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    Why should they have to start over? Majority wins & you might be in the minority and don't like that. I asked you the question if you would leave if the union was voted in & you were going to stick around to see what happens. Its so easy to say" if you don't like it leave" or " just be thankful you have a job" Well its quite obvious your company failed to take care of its employees & that's why they are at this point....
  19. Instigator

    Instigator Gee, This Is Fun

    Here's a consequence.

    Everyone that is unhappy leaves for a "better" company.

    Con-way folds because no one will work for them.

    Apparently, there aren't enough unhappy guys willing to change. They want the company to change.
  20. Rollin62

    Rollin62 Well-Known Member

    Any dsr will tell you that they're open for conway change for the better. Conway just needs a shove in the right direction of putting their labor force first again. Greed has steered them away from the front line. As far as quitting and going to a union carrier, why not stay and keep seniority at a unionized conway?
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