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    FEDEX ROAD New Member

    Do xpo pay overtime to their drivers if when does it start. I am thinking bout comming aboard P&D driver here in the ATL
  2. Coast2coast

    Coast2coast Member

    In the south it's after 50 hours
  3. vppforme

    vppforme Member

    You will likely start out working nights (shuttling trailers and working fac/break bulk center)earning a combination of hourly and mileage pay. You wouldn't see overtime pay until you got into the P&D operation which could be a couple of years depending on the size of the terminal

    FEDEX ROAD New Member

    Thanks I hope its not two year. I have a offer from YRC and XPO just doing my research on both or just stay put...
  5. crossbow

    crossbow New Member

    Go with yrc last i knew they were union and had some pension ,xpo will probanly be sold in the next couple years
  6. Serene Gene

    Serene Gene Well-Known Member

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  7. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    Sold in a couple years...? Well anything is possible. If you are concerned about OT, find a company that pays it daily after 8 and after 40. XPO seems to think that their employees in the south are clearly not equal to the employees that work in the rest of the system. Paying OT after a strait 50 with no daily OT is a true slap in the face.....of course its been this way for a long time and would take an act of god to be changed. Its interesting, XPO will have employees pay the same system wide for their share of benefit costs, but won't let their employees in the south to be privy to the way they the rest of the system is paid.
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  8. Fly-by-night

    Fly-by-night Only when you care to send the very best

    Had a friend go work for YRC was a causal for 2yrs and when YRC had to put him on the seniority list they laid him off.
  9. crossbow

    crossbow New Member

    Yea that can happen, best thing is maybe go to school and do something better with your life , trucking is being taken over by eastern ero trash and latinos shows you were the industry is going .
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  10. rose glass

    rose glass Active Member

    Trend is that paying overtime will be a a thing of the past. They have more than enough evidence that it's not what our main competitor doesn't pay and that their employees will piss and moan but will accept that cut they way they accepted all the rest
  11. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    if this trend even exist, you and I will be long retired before this takes place. It would most likely be a foolish move if this company changed anything regarding current OT pay anytime in the near future.
  12. chevyshack

    chevyshack Member

    You guy's can't just answer the mans questions? If you live north of of the Mason Dixin line you get paid OT after 8 hours in a day or 40 hrs. If you live south of that, you get paid OT after 50 hrs. We get the shaft in south because they say the unions are stronger in the north and they try to keep them at bay.
    Will XPO be sold? Who knows but if it happens it won't be for awhile. We get worked like dogs here but we do have better benifits then most other LTL carriers. Some of these 20+ yr drivers been here too long and don't realize how great they have it.
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  13. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    I pretty sure he got his answer..., if he is concerned about OT I'm sure he will go elsewhere. Unions still seem to be stronger in the north, but they seem to be working harder in the south with two potential terminals going their way. I get the feeling that a large portion of the rank and file in the south is used to the way that their OT is paid..., and probably have no idea that the rest of the system is paid differently with OT. When you run the numbers, its a big difference in pay. Simply put, this company should pay all their employees with the same OT rules system wide....whether its the way they pay in the south, or the way that they pay in the rest of the system. It should be same across the board.
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  14. Songremainsthesame

    Songremainsthesame Well-Known Member

    They don't advertise the difference down here either... guess they figure an ignorant driver is a happy driver. I was very disappointed when I found out our pay structure was different than the rest of the country... starts looking for another place to work too...
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  15. icedriver

    icedriver Well-Known Member

    Drivers in the north are better employees and are compensated accordingly. :stirthepot:
  16. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    It amazes me that when you put the OT question out there to some of the higher ups, you either get an i don't know shoulder shrug....thats the way it is .....or, an out right lie suggesting its due to the cost of living. It'd be nice if they stuck to the same reason across the board.
  17. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    Ha LOL !! kinda funny if ur stirring the pot, truth is there is bone head drivers everywhere....and top notch found everywhere through out our system.
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  18. Songremainsthesame

    Songremainsthesame Well-Known Member

    And don't dare have the audacity to state that the policy should change... they just roll their eyes and tell you "you can always move"...
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  19. icedriver

    icedriver Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's bs. Those in the south deserve everything we get. One company, one policy! It's that simple.
  20. Stand4afuture

    Stand4afuture Well-Known Member


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