Yellow has to have the worst management in history.

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by Shutter Down, Feb 1, 2018.

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    And the stage is being set for no increases in pay or pension in 2019....."Were broke--Vote YES or we will CLOSE!" All Yrcw does is put pressure on the remaining Union carriers....hard for them to compete against a company that pays $5-$6/hr less and hardly anything to the pension.
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    We will get pay increases,just not what everyone thinks we should get.Again,the company contributes 385 per week and no non union carriers pay close to that.The pension contributions cost the company more than the non union companies pay for their 401 k.
    If all that mattered was hourly wage we would all be trying to get on with a non union LTL.
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    For those still hoping for improved wages in the future I think you need to put a little more effort into understanding executive-speak. When an executive compares his turnover to a sector of the industry with notoriously high turnover (essentially100%) it means he has no intention of addressing that issue until it gets much, much worse. Furthermore, if an execute says that the action they have taken is sufficient at most locations, and that throwing more money at the remaining locations won’t make a difference anyway, you can be sure they are going to resist raising pay. Their statements also convey that favorable market conditions will allow them to raise prices as the number of hourly drivers declines and the cost of purchased transportation increases.

    You are a bargain they have no intention of surrendering.
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    We operate on a 34 hour reset at Upsf
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    as far as I know UPS is hiring... don't let the doors hit you on ass

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