you are being set up to fail scenario

Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by undead, Dec 14, 2013.

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    more people leave, more hrs i get, more screwing off i can do w/o being notice, happy holidays c.t. lol.
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    I am from Detroit. Here in Detroit, we ALL know what this guy (and Central) are all about. If you're not from Detroit you get a "free pass" to take the time to figure it out for yourselves. If you are from the Detroit barn and you are even considering staying, then I will wish you the very best of luck, but let's be honest- does any of this stuff going on at Central right now really SURPRISE you Detroit guys???? You (those who remain at Central) will be constantly in my thoughts and prayers. When I leave, I hope to remain friends and keep in contact with all of you. Again, I must reiterate that my dissatisfaction with Central comes from the culture of intimidation (and corruption) within the management of this company. I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING bad to say about the Central drivers that I have met so far.
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    undead's first post
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    Welcome aboard company man, you will love it. best LTL job in the biz. Great place to work. I to left the Vitran train wreck 4 months ago for OD.
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    Yes, I am surprised at how bad the torn up freight looks on the dock, actually more surprised that they even have ANY customers at all. Not planning on making this a career here. So far the CT drivers are friendly.
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    it is the oldest trick in the book... wear you out before the door closes so they minimize paying for unemployment and remaining benefits...
    just talk to anyone from vitran in the various terminals/departments that got the boot over the summer... it was hell.

    can't imagine that with this "merging" and "integration" crap that it would be much better... let's not dress it up here, what happened to vitran in 2013 was basically wiping the company off the map. central employees that have been around for a long time are probably going to get priority over the lucky individuals (if you want to think of it that way) who survived the vitran onslaught.

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