You Just Can't Fix Stupid "Truck wedges itself in Paoli bridge, causing it to collapse"

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by st. j vet, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Some guys are girls yet incompetence knows no gender.

    She, then, in my book, is an imbecile or a morons' moron*. ( *From The 3 Stooges reference: idiot, moron, imbecile)
    It'll take her many lessons to become a moron and a simple $135.00 "fine" as well the (possible) loss of her "career" are not enough.
    She should be sued for the cost of bridge repairs or replacement, but in our coddling society (gosh, she might be offended), such demand isn't seen (for now) as a probability.
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    I don't believe a GPS was involved at all, she's local to the area and was trying to park at the Wal-Mart, but took the wrong exit from the town square, then "fight or flight" kicked in and she made a series of bad decisions while trying to get turned around, of which trying to cross the bridge was the last and biggest. She'd only had her CDL since May.
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    There is so much stupid in the article it is hard to believe.

    She has 43,000 pounds on and can't do the math to convert it to tons? Got lost but felt she couldn't back up? She been across the bridge before and knew it had 6 ton limit. She said she didn't know how much the truck weighed? She kept going after she heard/felt it hit? She had a 17 year old cousin with her. Hope she had permission from the carrier but I doubt it.

    Now in over 44 years I have gotten lost more than once and was never the best-in-reverse class, but I never did anything this stupid.

    I wish her well in her new career as a dispatcher.
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