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Discussion in 'Old Dominion Freight Line' started by imported_Skywalker, Oct 8, 2009.

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    Seems we have had an issue with a couple of drivers tampering with the lane sensor device. I remember first hand when these were installed that a memo came out and it specifically said that if "anyone" tampered with them they were history. Well I guess a couple of them didn't heed the warning and one has been been here for 39 yrs. Please drivers read every piece of paper that is handed to you, read the papers posted on the walls in every terminal to stay up to date on things or you can act like these guys and find yourself out the door.
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    if hes been there 39 years,it time to go anyway!!
    damn!try to enjoy some retirement................
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    I figured this was coming as I was sitting in my truck at Gbo last week I saw a driver bring a manager out to look at his truck as they walked by I heard him mention his lane departure wasn't working I figured it wouldn't take long to find who had done it does anybody know how they where tamperd with how hard is it to reach over and push a button if its going off in a construction zone to turn it off I guess they wish they had now
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    They fired themselves.
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    Since of humor, please. When 1st installed, safety asked how liked. Commented " I love them. Let's me drive a lot faster in blinding fog." Just that some units are touchy. Lane search, false signal, or go off even with turn signal. Live with it guys. Those units, just hit the override. Wrote one up a couple months ago. Got same truck this time. Some days it's fine, next it's a pain. Know it was checked out. Just has a grimlin.
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    Well Said JB,how many drivers have to be fired before they take those warnings seriously??Every month in the safety handout this topic is mentioned(that would total at least 40 warnings)and periodic postings on the bulletin board and stapled to paystubs (10 or 15 more warnings) plus hearing about drivers fired at other terminals.I just can't muster any sympathy for guys that display this kind of stupidity anymore!!!

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