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Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by teamsterwannaB, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. teamsterwannaB

    teamsterwannaB Active Member

    People say we are doomed, and I would like your opinion on this( CONWAY DRIVERS ONLY PLEASE)
  2. NorthTXcon-way

    NorthTXcon-way Active Member

    There are millions of dollars invested in this company. Look at the stock price. The stockholders are not going to loose all that money. This company is not going anywhere. It may be sold(and I think it will), but it is not going to just simply shut down.
  3. aat0205

    aat0205 Member

    it will take all this other carriers to put conway out of bs,and is not going to happen any time soon.

    BEAR HAMMER Member

    I don't know why anyone would say we are doomed.The last company i worked for cut benefits,then cut some management jobs.i don't see that here.
  5. cajunman

    cajunman Member

    The future looks bright to me....:1036316054: , but i'm also an optimist.:smilie_132:
  6. NorthTXcon-way

    NorthTXcon-way Active Member

    Me too. I hope I am not just in denial.
  7. teamsterwannaB

    teamsterwannaB Active Member

    I believe it was drivetolive that said that it appears he voted too!
  8. truckermatt

    truckermatt Member

    i dont think conway is going to close.... but its drivers arent going to stay very long..... the new ones that is....

    i have read that 20% if the employees will retire in the next 10 years.... who's going to replace them.

    LDADALLAS Member

    I believe with the poor management in place, especially in Dallas (LDA), Conway will not be around for long. Management inLDA are spineless,gutless and non caring people. They do their best to keep everyone fighting with each other. They make the descions on how to load their way, and write the dock worker or dsr up for tearing up freight. Damn if you do and damnif you dont.

    They firied a good TM a few weeks ago and then they look for someone who is even more gutless than they are. Rumors are LDA will a gutless person Marty R. Good luck LDA. Watch your backs. He will fit in with Troy and the rest of the gutless FOS

    Again, Conway will not be around to much longer. New hires look for another job or before you sogn up with this gutless company, go somewhere else.

    no last names please
  10. teamsterwannaB

    teamsterwannaB Active Member

    Don`t worry my TM shops at the local jails, I guess that explains people not having a hazmat endorsement!
  11. teamsterwannaB

    teamsterwannaB Active Member

    I sure hope that`s LORD MARTY from coldwater:1036316054::1036316054: :1036316054:
  12. Merdock

    Merdock Kool-aid-aholic

    well, someone's gotta be the one to say it's official...

    It is him and he is off to LDA from XCW

    confirmed today
  13. teamsterwannaB

    teamsterwannaB Active Member

    good riddance

    I don`t want to get too far off topic from here so I will update the other thread, good news for the people who work at XCW either from there, or run in on linehaul!
  14. teamsterwannaB

    teamsterwannaB Active Member

    By the way JOHN L when I started this post it said 100% to retire, then 75% now at about 56%, looks like you have your work cut out for you. This 56% is a shocker even to me and just so you no I am not trying to Fudge the #`s I voted to retire. Please fix things like you said you were going to, and show us you care, not only about the shareholders, but us to as employees, employee owners, and shareholders. Seeing is believing,anything else is like a fart in the wind!
  15. 1tdriver

    1tdriver Banned

    Bearhammer, are you blind ? You stated that the last company you worked for cut benefits and management jobs. What exactly do you think is going on here with general office consolidation? That must be economic termination not loss of employment right? How about 5 P.L. days instead of 10 sick days and no company pension for new loss of benefits there, huh? Who are you fooling? I mean really junior get a grip and stop selling your soul! Maybe you're just very naive.
  16. merlin5833

    merlin5833 Member

    One thing I can say ,is marty is NOT gutless. He can be arogant,but not gutless. I will also say that if you really need something,he will try to help if he can. I'm xcw so I know that if you talk to him in a professionel manner, he will treat you the same. We have butted heads a few times. And i feel I had his respect.So talk to him like you want to be talked too, and you might be surprised.I know it sounds like it, but I kiss nobodys :butt kiss:

    BEAR HAMMER Member

    Not blind,or naive.What i stated is sarcasm.
  18. paul wall

    paul wall Member

    i picked up the sarcasm by the look on your face and the tone of your voice. i dont know why 1T have to love sarcasm on the internet :1036316054:
  19. teamsterwannaB

    teamsterwannaB Active Member

    Man this thread keeps going downhill. Where are the Conway cheerleaders already?:attention: :Duel:

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