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Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by imported_BoxBoss, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Fix what ? Change what ? Why would anyone that has supported all that has happened over the years at CNW want to fix or change anything now ,
    when all the efforts have come to fruitation ?

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    i love it. when management is in a bind ask the people you went to the dance with. why is my opinon needed now ?? this way the drivers get involed so you can give us some of the blame. nice. not like anything we add will be taken into consideration unless it's more take aways like some have already . shame on you drivers. what would i do... well the top of my head start treating the people right like we once did. ask our advice before you make a decsion such as can we make the frt fit or do we need to add a run.
    stop slapping one another on the back when you brag how we delivered x amount of frt with only x amount of drivers. sure the customer recieved their shipment at six p-m. or will be picked up the following day. lets start by taking care of OUR CUSTOMERS AGAIN!!

    well gotta go, forgot iam the ceo...cant be late for our tee time......FORE!!!!

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    this has been happening a lot lately at the fac i go to, i understand the saving empty miles idea and it's cost effectiveness, but i think it's negated when the decision is made real late in schedule.
    more man hours like previously stated, stripping a pup and reloading it to avoid damage, weight distributioin and a secure load is not like a 10-15 minute job. and were supposed to reach 95 o/r to get our 401k back.
    possible delay in service or not making service at all, since con-way's circle of life is on such a tight timeframe, this freight needs to make it back in time for inbound to break and load into route trailers at the desitnation service center. What if you need the freight in the nose of the long box, it's a hell of a lot harder to reach than the nose of a pup. Also with pups, if your smart you can sort and segregate, one pup can be pure and the other a headload for example. saves time for inboud. hell if the customer has a dock for some of these big orders you can even deliver it as is on some occasions.
    just the probable chance for damage is increased simply because you are touching the freight yet another time. This chance in increased exponentially since these are last minute/unplanned changes which need to be taken care of ASAP. DSR could be running out of hours, fac freight needs to get off the dock to make room for inbound, the schedule as stated earlier, all this could lead to a "RUSH" environment and state of mind which could lead to mistakes happening.
    about these guys thousands of miles away who are making all these decisions, they seem to think stripping and loading is a 5 minute deal. i wonder if atleast some have some kind of hands on transportation experience, ie forklift or hostling or driving experience? i mean to get an idea of what kind of operation you are directing. Or is it just some fancy college degree that showed you everything you need to know on how to lead and make decision from a book. I swear a book can tell you every detail and spec of a forklift and explain how it works and how to pick up freight, but you spend 1 minute behind the controls and it's a totally different learning experience.

    i was told once by management that linehaul is invincible and there is nothing you could do but follow orders.

    what say you.
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    Sadly I am not articulate enough or well informed enough to cover this the right way, but here are some things to think about.

    Per my barns recent meeting with the V. P. of something or another ( don't know or care it was all B.S. anyway)

    These are estimates... 3 co. cars at each of 300 service centers Well that's 900 cars!!!!!!!!
    Lease on those cars $200.00 a mo.ea ....that's 600.00 a mo per 300 service centers $180,000 mo. x 12 = 2.1 million

    Guesstimate on fuel so the scm and account managers can drive them home and for personnel use $900.00 mo.= $10,000 a yr

    Now the big bucks Per the above V. P. 12 mil for the race truck!!!!!! ( He said " Marketing will spend that money anyway") and as for the 140% return ( his words) Well we all know if that was true we would all be race car owners!!!!!

    The RODEO what a lame a$$ waste 15 mil. and for what????

    This company is being run by people who make Paris Hilton look smart!!!!!!!!!

    My barn for example 1ea scm, 1ea fom ??? 3ea fos, 1ea director of personnel??? 1ea size & weights supervisor...
    all for a 25 driver barn...25 drivers...

    Wow I just got it ...SUZAN POWTER IS THE CEO, she couldn't stop the insanity so she embraced it....

    This just goes on & on.. I will say this about that V. P. He was up front He said " Conway needs the money to stop a loan from being called in for payment in full so we are taking away 1 full yrs vacations from everyone"..........

    So box boss I am sure you will find no shortage of idea's here
    but it doesnt matter there is no limit to the :shit: we drivers will take from management. For yrs we have claimed to be the industry leader,, Well now we are, We are the SHAME of it
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    What matters is that you let it all out and expressed your feelings the best you could. There is no prerequisite on posting your thoughts in here other than following the rules.
    Just do the best you can and we all will have fun and help each other in here. :thumbsup:
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    Good post.

    Your barn needs more leaders.
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    7 moves

    1... fix line haul !! 2..... inform f.o.s's bonus coming in 6 mos if they can trim the fat. 3...... get the sales staff out of the office and on the streets at least 4 days a week instead of 1 or 2 day. bonus or pay raise or moving expense for anyone,throw out all perks for mgmt until things improve. 5.....load pure trailers 90% or better and no touch headloads,high and tight folks,the more the better,less damage,less cross dock.hold f.o.s's accountable,remember the bonus. 6....crack down on the free loaders,time steelers, slow workers,someone please crack the whip!! 7....make all upper mgmt. give back shares and inform share holders they also have to take a cut,then cut more chiefs from there useless positions. h.r. for one.then ill quit my job,that alone should save half a million. 8.... dont think i pulled it off:ranting2:
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    That whole department needs a redesign...especially now that we are doing all this sub-service stuff!!!

    They are still doing the whole diversion thing they have always done...its a llittle lame and dated...

    They are the ones directing the movement of how about updating the computer modeling...put on more people if necessary and then consider the costs involved as opposed to just getting it done!!!

    rAt :TR10driving03:
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    Do we have a debt crisis or a revenue crisis? In other words, this problem could be solved by BOTH increasing revenue and decreasing expense.

    1. Sales pay should be based on revenue. A token salary like $600 a week and the rest based on goal attainment and revenue increase. I have not seen an Account Executive make a cold call in years. They are all to comfortable with what they have. Also, I have never seen an A/E respond when a driver gives them a lead. The drivers know far more about the freight and who controls it than a salesperson.

    2. Count pennies. When I left Friday night, 20 computers and monitors were left on. Bathroom lights are always on. Shut off monitors (and replace CRT monitors with LCD) and computers when not using them to save electricity. OK, it isn't 200 million, but it is a start.

    3. Part time dock workers. Where possible, use part time dock workers (around $12.00 per hour( to replace drivers on the dock (over $20.00 or $30.00 on ovetime). Very few drivers want to work the dock anyway.

    4. Manage linehaul. It has been said before, but I see sub service runs leaving 30% full. Send this freight to the next FAC where it can be consolidated and run of full trailers. This is a planning issue. When we went from four offices to one we lost a lot of control in this sort of cost.

    5. ICP. A failed concept. Restore the 5% cut and eliminate the ICP. We joke about it anyway. Make our wages believable and predictable.

    6. Build teams. At every service center I have ever been to, I see a competition between Inbound, OUtbound, City and Linehaul. Supervisors buy into it and it creates waste and inefficiency. Allow the drivers to give input into their jobs. I often hear about a driver going east to make a pickup while another is heading west to where he just left. Drivers know their routes best.

    7. Restore the pride. Many years ago when I was new to Con-way, we were proud of who we were and what we did. I remember going to extremes to make it happen for the customer. Unfortunately our people are not involved to that degree. This lack of pride (call it Committment if you wish to bring in the values) has made us just another freight company. Listen to the people and responed. John H gave out his home number at the New Employee Orientation and asked us to let him know what he could do th make our company better. That feeling is lost. We are just a bunch of individuals playing for the nest check instead of a really strong and proud team. This alone would result in greatly increased revenue. I remember asking for freight and proudly telling the customer what we dould do for them. Now it is just not there.

    8. (I know only seven, but I cannot resist.) Dump the race truck. It is not enough to make a big difference, but almost every employee resents the money spent on it. The 140&% ROI is based on the One More Shipment program. If we were proud of what we did and cared about the company (see #7) we would ask for this freight without caring about a 20 year old kid crashing a Ford pickup into a race track wall.

    This is not an angry rant, but an objective look at what I have seen in almost 20 years with this company. I worry every day if I will have a job next week.
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    good post

    good post,ive seen those competitions between other service centers and now its like they are all independent and that is team spirit there in fact i think the new competition is to see how bad you can screw or make look bad the other terminal or f.a.c.:wtflol:
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    I love games :clap: as much as the next guy, but we have to follow the rules.


    Going to eight solutions automatically renders 1 through 7 null and void. Sorry. Also this needs to be documented with a note to your file that we discussed this issue and that you understand the corrected behavior you need to demonstrate in the future. Please do not construe this as punishment in any way.

    We value your input and have a great weekend.

    Just trying to help you Boss!!!

    Rulz is rulz.
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    That there's funny, I don't care who you are!

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