Yrc doubles rolled i35 south at Iowa 40mm

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Dordcnwy, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Dordcnwy

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    Appears to have happened Friday afternoon or evening. Truck is still in the ditch Sat morning. Extensive damage to tractor. Hope the driver is ok.
  2. Sugarfoot

    Sugarfoot " I'm just a truck driver "

    Can you post a link from newspaper or news station?
  3. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry I was out sightseeing all day with my wife,& never got on the message board.

    I will search the net in this location for this crash,to see what I can find an on-line report.
    However some crash reports stay on-line for months, where others are very short lived,especially well known LTL companies.

    I am going to church shortly,I will check in when I get back,& let you know what I found.
    Or see if any of you posted anything.
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  4. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    If the mile marker is correct, that would be somewhere between Des Moines, south toward rt. 92 and Osceola, Ia
  5. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    When I got home I searched for crash reports all along I-35 in Iowa in the last week.
    The only ones I found was a Semi hauling grain that hit a Semi flatbed & rolled over near Des Moines.
    As well as a car that hit a Semi Tanker head-on near Osceola.
    But could not find anything regarding this crash.

    I figure YRC was able to keep this report off-line, due to the very poor image of seeing their equipment in a crash.
    I have find this to be the case with a lot of the more well know trucking companies,mainly LTL.
    Over the many years I've been posting commercial vehicle crashes.
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  6. Sugarfoot

    Sugarfoot " I'm just a truck driver "

    Thanks for trying Apostolic. I tried and searched all the Des Moines papers also. Sometimes there just isn't any report sent to the Media. I see a lot of Truck accidents in the Greater Hsbg., Pa. area that don't make it to the papers either.
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