Yrc next change of operations. Plans are layoff and yrc plans laying off war vetrans

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  1. Terminal manager approached docked telling them. Numbers are 3 times the number claimed by change. Many will be layed off including those returning from war to peace time jobs. This manager whole objective is to sit in his office. And return to Ohio. Ohio being a gainer runs his employees down in PA so the clock watcher can return to his hole in Ohio.
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    Just like the abf model
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    The old DCs have a lot of Teamsters that are not qualified to drive for a lot of reasons some never were qualified. Take a lot of freight out and allow very few to follow the work and you have a lot of people and theirs families being :shit: on by this company!
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    I see.... Lawsuit!

    I don't have one. Medical. But I used too.
    I care what they do. But by that time I'll retire.
    I hope it's not true. They don't have enough people now.
    I don't think they do.
    Only half a shift shows up here. Half the time. Lol.
    That really is :horseshit: to hear.
    The ultimate :shit: on the employees.
    I can't say :shit: enough. Or :shit: on. :shit:.
    :shit:. :shit:. :shit:. :shit:. :shit:.
    Mm. That icon of :shit: keeps showing up.
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    :crap::crap:Don't :crap::crap: let :crap::crap:the :crap::crap::crap: :crap::crap:bother :crap::crap:you :crap::crap::crap::crap:

    :crap: :crap: :crap:
    :crap: :crap:
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    I was bored on break. Can't you tell?
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    It's real easy they will need people if you don't do ::shit::

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