Yrc to not compete in the next day market sector????????

Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by FIRE IN THE WIRE, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. That's right.
  2. chitownpeddler

    chitownpeddler Well-Known Member

    We were told to make a list of customers that ship next day and second day freight with YRC. Sales will follow up. I figure the next YRC driver I see I'll just ask for them to make a list for me. I wonder if it will work

    POPCORN Member

    That is some funny stuff! I guess our Sales force will be following Yellow and Holland City drivers around the Windy City.
  4. slim66

    slim66 Banned

    I hope someone follows me. I will be on the phone with the authorities telling them some weirdo is following me and my hazmat load. That will end the following and ruin the salesman's day.
  5. fartknocker

    fartknocker Well-Known Member

    We dont have to follow anybody,I only have one customer that uses YRC by choice anway. Their freight is goes to either Ceva or YRC so they are paying squat.
  6. Phantom 309

    Phantom 309 Big Joe

    Go ahead and make that call then, we ain't sceered.....:eck13:
  7. fartknocker

    fartknocker Well-Known Member

    Only Teamsters follow people,padlocks and tire spikes at the ready.
  8. littleoner

    littleoner Member

    Why dont you fred-ex guys worry about your own scap micro-manage company. We dont talk about u guys on our form. Because we dont care! We dont have to deal with stupid rules and supervisors yelling at us at YRC. And not able to get our hours in. I fell sorry for you guys....
  9. Woah pump your brakes there driver.
  10. Phantom 309

    Phantom 309 Big Joe

    :crybaby: Don't be a hater ya cry baby! Ya sound like a school girl with chewing gum stuck in her hair! :biglaugh:
  11. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator

    Yes they do driver, don't take stuff so personal, it is only business and just like over here or over there what we think or say does not mean squat.
  12. Matt

    Matt Supah truckah

    Funniest post of 2012 so far lol

    HILLBILLY Well-Known Member

    Have you read any of the YRC threads? Almost every one of them has a post of multiple about FedEx, supervisors treating you guys like crap. What about the full timers who are now lucky to be a four hour casual. don't feel sorry for us at least we know our company will be running next week and more than likely we will have a job.
  14. fartknocker

    fartknocker Well-Known Member

    It always cracks me up when the bottom feeders think WE are in a sad position. Get some!
  15. Twice Pipes

    Twice Pipes Well-Known Member

    The reason this web site was set up was to give the working class of the transportation industry, the drivers, dockworkers, and mechanics a place to discuss issues and ideas with their company and other companies. All the companies including YRCF discuss what other companies are doing. YRCF announced they were getting out of the next day service and just concentrating on the 2-5 day freight, leaving the over night service to your sister companies of New Penn, Holland, and Reddaway. Since these three companies do not cover the entire lower 48 states, the potential to pick up new business is substantial for us. Naturally we are interested in this decision. I am extremely happy your not micro-managed, your supervisors don't yell at you and your getting all the hours you want. I'm even willing to over look the fact that YRCF has laid off over half of its work force since the merger, your making less money than we are, your pension plan is in the toilet, and your still financially on shaky ground. Feel free to stop by anytime and give us your opinion on current affairs, your insight is greatly appreciated. Please don't lose any sleep worrying about us, some how we'll muddle through all this. Old Abused TP
  16. Clandestine_ice

    Clandestine_ice Kansas_City_Kitty

    My understanding is that the union has to vote on it and I really don't see them voting in favor of losing jobs so I think in essence the whole thing is a moot point.
  17. I read a report saying it needed approval and that it would get approved
  18. pink pony

    pink pony Member

    does anyone know if yrc made their baloon payment? supposedly if they didnt make that payment they were gonna have to make some severe cuts, this may be part of that..
  19. pink pony

    pink pony Member

    thats if the purchase trlrs or the railways dont put us linehaul drivers out of a job..
  20. Clandestine_ice

    Clandestine_ice Kansas_City_Kitty

    That's fer sure! That's fer dang sure

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