Zollars to Retire—Again

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by R-14Driver, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. okeydokey

    okeydokey Member

    I predict that they won't get rid of him until they yrc is ready to have upswing in the news about how well they are doing.... I don't believe they'll bring new guy in and surround him with all negative media...
  2. Free Dumb

    Free Dumb Member

    Guess he will be around quite a while, if they are waiting for news about how well they are doing.
  3. stpinindy

    stpinindy Active Member

    Manicures go bad, golf accidents happen, sometimes the porsche hits a tree. We all retire sometime. Did I mention me and Jimmy G work together.
  4. mastertech

    mastertech Member

    i think hoffa will take zollars spot...after all hoffa has been screwing yrc employees all along.hell i think that zollars should take over as union pres...then he could give everything back to yrc.
  5. when i get fired i want the same representation zollars is getting from the union. he should be paying dues!
  6. or a dirty sanchez!
    or a dirty rodriguez!

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