zollers letter to hoffa

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by hemorrhoid, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. hemorrhoid

    hemorrhoid Active Member

    Go to the teamsters site there is a letter to Hoffa from Zollers.
  2. Jeff

    Jeff Super Administrator

    you can post a link to it
  3. Regular342

    Regular342 Active Member

  4. give them YRC an inch and the'll take a yard. Time for action Thank's to Jimmy Hoffa for his quick response!
  5. turboj

    turboj Banned

    What are all the xxxxoooooxxxxx at the end of that letter?
  6. rv833

    rv833 Member

    I think Zollars could of shortened that up quite abit. Maybe something like ....... F*#k the Teamsters, I'll do as I damn well please. Just wait and see!! :Bondage:

    Fellas, Remeber that nice contract he was given Dec 30 2008? We had mailed our ballots in already, then comes the news he increased his golden parachute at our expense.

    How much more do we have to bendover ??
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  7. Hoosierky

    Hoosierky Enjoying Life Everyday!

    The question should be..Has he retracted all those statements to Wall Street and YRCW customers?? Let the whole world know that BZ FU'd!!
  8. Teamcujo

    Teamcujo Member

    This episode is as bad as Kirstie Alley's attempt at an acting comeback in "Fat Actress". How low will these people go to put on a show for us to get a vote?
  9. tryred

    tryred New Member

    YRC just came in today offering more than 5% off my prior tariff...its not right.
  10. truckinus

    truckinus Former YRC Dallas 511

    It shows Zollars cant be trusted
  11. JWor

    JWor Member

    I cant get the link to work, or the one from the IBT, what did he say? I guess BZ called and scared em' and they took it down? Oh well...
  12. Triplex

    Triplex Experienced stalker

    Worked fine for me a minute ago. Try it again.
  13. wildhorses

    wildhorses Member

    It would be great to expose him but the problem with announcing it to the world though is that it might have an even more adverse affect on the company, making more customers leave... not good if your trying to "save" a company.
  14. trucken too

    trucken too New Member

    My Goodness, that man is unreal, lie, lie , lie,, you guys can try and save the once yrc that we new,,, but it will Never again but what it was,,,, go ahead give me crap, but I am proud to say I voted Hell NO !!
  15. truckchick1

    truckchick1 Active Member

    I also thought it was pretty arrogant to put out all those press releases while 40,000 people had their ballots ibn hand. Almost like he was taunting people.
  16. deadbeat

    deadbeat Member

    Gift for Zollars.

    :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss: :butt kiss:
  17. yrc_guy

    yrc_guy Member

    Who wants to bet that the letter was written for him and he WAS TOLD SIGN HERE ! I think Zollars will be just a bad memory
    in the next week.
  18. Steward2008

    Steward2008 Member

    As long as Zollers is in charge of this company, your vote should be NO! The man speaks with a forked tongue. Teamsters should demand his removal from the ceo chair, or vote no. He seems like the type of guy who would take all the money and run.
  19. Chicago Roadway

    Chicago Roadway Active Member

    I am a believer what great day it is!!! Only if you believe you will see the goodness

    [YT]YssMT0qXYOw&feature=related [/YT]
  20. deadbeat

    deadbeat Member

    I think he wants to get fired so he can get his golden parachute and move on and spread more hate and discontent. :Pick-Me: :Pick-Me: :Pick-Me:

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