Wondering if any of y'all have contacted Prudential concerning the shares of stock
given each of us by the company.Paperwork I have(Overview of Plan Investment Options
and Fees as of May 31,2012)states that this account has an inception date of 8/31/2011.
On page 9 is a list of fees and expenses for administrative services:it specifically states
that these fees DO NOT apply to accounts with a balance of $250.00 or less as of the quarterly
statement,or to those invested SOLELY IN THE YRCW UNITIZED STOCK FUND.When I
contacted Prudential after seeing these charges applied to my account,I was told the fees
should not have been applied,but the rep would have to double check and call me back.I called back
one week later and was told the account had been flagged, but no determination had been
made.One week later(two from my initial inquiry)I received a call in which I was told that,since
the value was over the $250.00 limit,the fees applied.When I brought up the disclaimer
in the paperwork I had,I was politely told I must have mis-read it.I watched the stock price for several days,
and when it hit $35 and change,I called Prudential and told them to close the account and
forward the funds to me.A bit of a challenge,but it was done.I have spoken to some co-workers
regarding this,and it appears that there are as many answers as there are people asking
questions.Nobody has gotten the same answer to the same question.I made the mistake of
not getting the names of the reps I spoke with;therefore I suggest if you do call Prudential,log the
time and name of the individual you speak to.
I know this is lengthy,but I believe we should all take a long hard look at this situation.
Thanks and Good Luck!