1. All employers have a social media policy, Your identity is UNKNOWN on Truckingboards unless you reveal it somehow yourself. When you post to Facebook Trucking Groups, everybody knows your name. Think about it.

Advertise Your Company

Truckingboards provides a forum for you to advertise your product or service or post driver recruiting posts. We charge a small fee to do so. 4.99 gives you unlimited posting of jobs (as long as they are different) in the Driver Recruiting / Advertising Forum

Truckingboards does not provide free advertising options as we have bills to pay here as well. 

If you are interested in this service this is all you have to do

First you have to have an account on Truckingboards and be logged in.

Now go to Account Upgrades Here

Select the Driver Recruiting/Advertising option and click purchase.

You will be redirected to PayPal to make payment.

Make the payment then go back to the Driver Recruiting / Advertising Forum and you will see a Big Red Button that reads "Post New Thread"

You are now authorized to use this forum to post for 7 days , Your product or job postings will not be deleted unless they contain broken images or broken links.  You can request removal by the contact us link on the bottom of any page.

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