1. All employers have a social media policy, Your identity is UNKNOWN on Truckingboards unless you reveal it somehow yourself. When you post to Facebook Trucking Groups, everybody knows your name. Think about it.

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Walkabouts To Miami?

Hearing the company may be looking for driver and dockworkers to Be walkabouts in Miami because of the strike going on there.

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Letter From Ernie

Look likes it’s on.... [IMG]

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Emetoh Vs Fedex Class Action

Just wondering who all got the notice of the class action today??

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A Forced Contract

I remember what happened with the forced contract by President Hoffa against the UPS people in Louisville, KY. They voted NO @ least 2 times by a far margin. If the same should happen to the ABF issue, what or who can prevent a repeat of what...

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Contractor Team Run

Meeting this morning said five centers are going to a trail bases contractors running team pulling our equipment. I wasn’t at the meeting personally but was told this is what the meeting was about. My concern is them pulling our trailers and...

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Vote Yes

I like to know where all you people were at the last contract?????? I voted no last time. and it past. No one stood up and said nooooo You all believed YRC was going to buy use unless we voted yes!!!!! Now you want to vote NO. Just a reminder A...

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Start Saving For Yrc Strike! 1 Year And Counting.

Teamsters at ABF getting screwed so you know what’s coming to Yrc in 2019 be prepared stop being slaves for the wealthy.

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Pre-Hire Strength Test

I submitted an application, was offered a P&D position, and am going through the background checks, etc. The last thing I might have to do is a strength/agility test. If anyone here has been through it, what does this test involve so I can be...

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