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  1. Docker

    ABF | ArcBest First Quarter 2018 Results

  2. P

    ABF | Please read this explanation of facts before you vote. It is very telling

    Pay special attention to the section on Pension Funds. Even though not all are troubled this contract will have a devastating effect on all our Pensions in the future. This is items 1 and 2 3 and 4 in next reply please read this before you vote. This contract is about much more than not paying...
  3. mad trucker

    ABF | Vote Yes

    I like to know where all you people were at the last contract?????? I voted no last time. and it past. No one stood up and said nooooo You all believed YRC was going to buy use unless we voted yes!!!!! Now you want to vote NO. Just a reminder A no vote is a strike vote!!!!!!!!! 3 days later ABF...
  4. Docker

    ABF | Hoffa’s in a Rush to Sell ABF Deal

    The Hoffa administration is moving fast to push the ABF contract. The details of the secret deal will be revealed on Thursday. Electronic voting to approve or reject the deal will begin within days after that. ABF Teamsters need to be ready to cast an informed vote. The International union has...
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