1. L

    ABF | Abf Or No?

    Good morning and Happy Labor Day!! I have a question for all of you ABF people... I have been offered a full time P&D/Dock position at the terminal in San Antonio. I have also been offered a position with an established company that has opened up a new terminal within San Antonio and it would be...
  2. Docker

    ABF | 2010 & 2013 Vote Results

  3. canaryinthemine

    ABF | Retirees Voting on New Contract?

    Gentlemen: I've just received a phone call from one of the employees of ABF that I represented as Steward before I retired. This gentleman had retired a year before me,........and he called me to ask if Retirees will be voting on ABF's new contract. I thought he was referring to the potential...
  4. Muler

    ABF | What a yes or no vote will mean to our pensions.

    Here it is the things that can or will happen with our pensions with this vote. Lets look at what a yes vote can do for our pensions and out Health insurance. First a yes vote will freeze the contribution rate that abf pays at the rate on the closing date of March 31,2018 that is right the...
  5. nightowl

    ABF | Letter From Ernie

    Look likes it’s on....
  6. V

    ABF | Wages

    Some people forget that the moneys paid in to the pension funds are part of the wages earned AND agreed to by employees & the employer. Yes, they have been poorly mismanaged. But that was & is not part of the job for the rank & file. Instead of 2 bucks an hour more or whatever the figure is, we...
  7. R

    TForce | Hoffa Got a $5000 Raise – Will He Bargain One for You?

  8. R

    ABF | Hoffa Got a $5000 Raise – Will He Bargain One for You?

  9. O

    ABF | Contract proposal

    The proposal has been done for weeks. Ernie has ran it to the end so looked like he’s been negotiating for the Members . The offer isn’t going to be what your expecting. He’s (Ernie) seen the obstacles the company has to overcome. Healthcare is going to be a tough one to over come...
  10. Kennesaw Kid

    ABF | IBT To Use Electronic Voting on ABF Contract, and others too!

  11. Docker

    ABF | Judy's Credibility

    Let's show the Fort's monitors just how much credibility Judy has with the ABF Teamsters these days.
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