1. K

    Hiring Class A Owner-operators For Transporting Vehicles

    Hi everyone! Pirgos Trans Inc is currently hiring Class A owner-operators for transporting vehicles around the country. We provide service to auto auctions, auto manufactures, insurance companies, private parties, auto dealers, finance/lending institutions, fleet and lease agencies and rental...
  2. Jeff

    Free Cdl Practice Tests
  3. J

    ABF | Where should I apply to straight out of CDL School?

    What’s up guys, I’m new to this forum. Was wondering what LTL companies are known for hiring new CDL school graduates. I live in Northern Nj . I would appreciate any advice . I’m here to learn .
  4. SwampRatt

    FedEx Freight | CSA Points- Severity Weights for Violations

    CSA Points For reference, this spreadsheet seems worthy of it's own thread. It's a download. "A complete list of ALL violations and their severity weights is available in the SMS Appendix A spreadsheet. " Some common examples: Vehicle Maint: Most lighting...
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