estes line haul

  1. DblsTrplsOhMy

    Estes | Terminal 095 (marshall, Mi) Driver Questions

    Anyone on here work out of Marshall, Mi? Was extended a contingency offer yesterday, and had some terminal specific questions. PM me.
  2. DblsTrplsOhMy

    Estes | Combo Driver

    Hello, all!! New to the site, and not a driver for Estes yet. Wanted to get some feedback, from MI drivers especially, about the Combo position. I have an interview for it tomorrow, and, ultimately want to go linehaul. Looking for some insight. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!!
  3. J

    Estes | line haul night hours

    Just curious what the start times are on these runs ussualy? And how many hours you ussualy spend doing it ? I know it gos by miles and depending on how much you stop to use the bathroom ect it can very.
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