1. T

    Estes | Greensboro 017 P&D driver interview

    going for interview on Monday 19th for P&D driver. What can I expect working there if I get the job? How many hours a week? and when is overtime paid? Do they allow the overtime?. thanks in advanced.
  2. DblsTrplsOhMy

    Estes | Terminal 095 (marshall, Mi) Driver Questions

    Anyone on here work out of Marshall, Mi? Was extended a contingency offer yesterday, and had some terminal specific questions. PM me.
  3. DblsTrplsOhMy

    Estes | Combo Driver

    Hello, all!! New to the site, and not a driver for Estes yet. Wanted to get some feedback, from MI drivers especially, about the Combo position. I have an interview for it tomorrow, and, ultimately want to go linehaul. Looking for some insight. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!!
  4. fildriver

    Estes | Estes Pd Gig

    I applied lastweek for PD Position in Tulsa,OK terminal which is just 11 miles away from my house and I had a phone interview with HQ yesterday but it got cut off due to bad signal in the middle of our conversation while she was asking me basic information.. Later then I received an email...
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