new hire

  1. Tedthebug

    FedEx Freight | Moving from Express to Freight

    Has anyone made the move from Express to Freight? I'm considering applying for a Road Driver position with Freight, and I'm interested in what the day-to-day is like? Is the promise to be home every night legit? Do they assign you routes, or can you request one? What is entailed in dock work...
  2. J

    Got a preventable at work!! What now?

    Sorry guys new driver here. I'm a bit confused by how this whole thing works. I've had a minor preventable at work and I'm not sure if I should be worried about my personal driving record. I don't see anything on my psp report , is there anywhere else I should be looking? I was already...
  3. B

    XPO | New Hire First Time Driver

    Hey guys I need some feedback on working for XPO. Any answers will be helpful. What hours should I expected to work? What is a job bid? How many days per week will I work? How many hours per day will I work How long can you be forced to drive? What is the cpm pay rate?
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