1. S

    ABF | Florida Pension

    What pension fund is Florida in? May look into moving to the panhandle at some point. How does it pay out.
  2. L

    ABF | Abf Or No?

    Good morning and Happy Labor Day!! I have a question for all of you ABF people... I have been offered a full time P&D/Dock position at the terminal in San Antonio. I have also been offered a position with an established company that has opened up a new terminal within San Antonio and it would be...
  3. P

    ABF | Please read this explanation of facts before you vote. It is very telling

    Pay special attention to the section on Pension Funds. Even though not all are troubled this contract will have a devastating effect on all our Pensions in the future. This is items 1 and 2 3 and 4 in next reply please read this before you vote. This contract is about much more than not paying...
  4. Kennesaw Kid

    Retiree says pension managers have heavy hand in coffer as he fights for his life savings
  5. Muler

    ABF | What a yes or no vote will mean to our pensions.

    Here it is the things that can or will happen with our pensions with this vote. Lets look at what a yes vote can do for our pensions and out Health insurance. First a yes vote will freeze the contribution rate that abf pays at the rate on the closing date of March 31,2018 that is right the...
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