1. Jeff

    Yellow | 1994 Yellow Freight Strike Video

    Boys and Girls we have us a classic getting ready to go up on the Truckingboards Youtube Channel. Our great long time Mod and member Kennesaw Kid sent me a DVD with over 2 hours of footage of that special time in LTL Trucking history, The 1994 Strike Some of it is raw and grainy and remember...
  2. realityofitall

    Yellow | Pension

    If you vote yes for this deal your agree to 5 more years of 25% of the required contributions to your pension. Never mind the less than $1 per year. Vote no and keep voting no until wages and pensions are restored.
  3. WiseFool

    Yellow | Skip Ratification Formality & Move Straight To Strike Vote

    Can we please stop wasting everyone’s time and move straight to the strike vote Ernie?
  4. L

    Yellow | Burn Barrel Time!

  5. F

    Yellow | Agreement Reached
  6. FreightKicker

    Yellow | New breeds and newcomers and Teamsters

    I'm sure you folks understand we have a contract coming up. I want you to understand that the Teamsters does the negotiating for us. With that being said, as a union member you have the right to vote it down. A flat-out no vote! Which puts the Teamster (Hoffa...etc) back to the table to...
  7. P

    ABF | Please read this explanation of facts before you vote. It is very telling

    Pay special attention to the section on Pension Funds. Even though not all are troubled this contract will have a devastating effect on all our Pensions in the future. This is items 1 and 2 3 and 4 in next reply please read this before you vote. This contract is about much more than not paying...
  8. Kennesaw Kid

    Retiree says pension managers have heavy hand in coffer as he fights for his life savings
  9. Steward of the Rock

    ABF | Local Discussions On Tentative Agreement Local #878

    On April 23rd and 24th, our Local here in Little Rock, Ar. had discussions about the ABF Tentative Agreement. In attendance was the new Southern Region Freight Coordinator (L. Grissom). The Tentative Agreement was covered for the National and the Southern Region Supplements. (1) Article 3...
  10. nightowl

    ABF | Letter From Ernie

    Look likes it’s on....
  11. Kennesaw Kid

    ABF | IBT To Use Electronic Voting on ABF Contract, and others too!
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