1. Jeff

    Yellow | 1994 Yellow Freight Strike Video

    Boys and Girls we have us a classic getting ready to go up on the Truckingboards Youtube Channel. Our great long time Mod and member Kennesaw Kid sent me a DVD with over 2 hours of footage of that special time in LTL Trucking history, The 1994 Strike Some of it is raw and grainy and remember...
  2. realityofitall

    Yellow | Pension

    If you vote yes for this deal your agree to 5 more years of 25% of the required contributions to your pension. Never mind the less than $1 per year. Vote no and keep voting no until wages and pensions are restored.
  3. WiseFool

    Yellow | Skip Ratification Formality & Move Straight To Strike Vote

    Can we please stop wasting everyone’s time and move straight to the strike vote Ernie?
  4. L

    Yellow | Burn Barrel Time!

  5. F

    Yellow | Agreement Reached

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