‘mother of all school choice bills’


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‘mother of all school choice bills’

State Sen. Del Marsh said he’s filing “the mother of all school choice bills” and expects it to get approval in its first committee on Wednesday.
Dubbed the Parent’s Choice Act, the bill would allow for education savings accounts in which parents can retain their portion of education tax dollars to spend on alternative schooling for their children, including private school or homeschool.

If it becomes law and is fully implemented by the 2024-25 school year, the bill would provide state funding — now about $6,500 — to any K-12 students, including those students in public school, private school and homeschool, no matter their financial status.
“These are state dollars and those dollars should be available to parents to decide what is best for their children,” Marsh, R-Anniston, said Saturday when discussing a draft of his bill with Alabama Daily News.
Meanwhile, Marsh said, the state is spending more money on a public education system with declining enrollment and last or near last spots in nation rankings.