SEFL | “Culture”


TB Veteran
Many years ago when I hired in at SEFL we had the BEST culture in ltl freight. It wasn’t even close. What has caused us to be a bottom feeder culturally?
Here’s what I mean:
Longevity with the company meant respect from peers and leadership. Not so now. Older drivers are kept out later than the young bucks. Used to be opposite. Young bucks get the earlier starts now with older guys not even asked if they want them often. There was a seniority order that kept us happier because everyone knew that as they aged, seniority would give them the benefits that should come with the physical sacrifices made when younger. No longer.

A good culture would show itself when one of our work family gets injured. No so here. If you are older and have an injury then you get a larger workload when you return to try and cause you to quit. The quality pyramid is only honored when it works to leaderships advantage. There is no trust in leadership to do the right thing by its drivers because numbers are more important than our people.

Instead of letting high seniority drivers continue to bid on routes we have been restricted to only bidding on start times. You pull older drivers off city routes only because they cant run the route as fast and efficiently anymore.

Why post this? Because I’m tired of the hypocrisy. The company preaches integrity and value but only practices it when it’s convenient. Potentional new hires beware. It’s not what they tell you it is.
Could things be worse? Definitely. I could work for AAA Cooper. Could always be worse! The company could just fire us older guys but do find work for us. I just wish they would come clean and accurately represent reality.
Remember Sefl; drivers got you where you are. Not your senior VPs or regional VPs, drivers. Respect our service and physical sacrifices or you will continue to be just another carrier. Our culture used to separate us from other carriers. Take us back to respecting and honoring years of dedicated service so we can take pride in wearing the red and black again.
I used to work there, still have a couple of friends there. They work out of a small barn, rotate at least once a week. They had a guy quit so everyone was working everyday. TM hurried and hired someone so now they are back to rotating once a week. Very rarely do they get 40 hours a week.

Value their employees my ass.
Management don't give a crap about you. Here in Norfolk this morning, asked the TM if he needed my truck he said he needed it right now. Asked him to let me get mymy stu out first and would he call the hotel for me. He said yeah, turned around and started typing on the computer. I stood there for 5 minutes to see if he picked up the phone to call but nope. Went and parked my truck, got all my stuff out decided to call the hotel myself and asked if any one had called yet and they told me no and that was 20 minutes after my arrival.

You're absolutely right, culture my ass. SEFL please fire this TM in Norfolk. The guy looks lost everytime I come here. Ain't worth a crap. Bring integrity back to Norfolk!